Forever Living Clean 9 Cleanse Review

So if you follow my Facebook page you’ll know I recently did a 9 day cleanse called Clean 9 from Forever Living.  It’s basically a complete cleanse/detox that consists of:


  • 2 one litre tubs of Aloe Gel, for cleansing your system – Aloe has a lot of health benefits as well as a rich source of nutrients, it also aids digestion so works well as a detoxifying cleanse.
  • 1 pk Forever Lite Protein powder – I ordered the Vanilla as it’s easy to add fruit and make a smoothie to jazz it up a little
  • Forever Garcinia Tablets – these help the body burn fat and are a natural appetite suppressant
  • Forever Therm Tablets – support your weight loss by increasing your metabolism and your energy levels
  • Fibre Sachets – help keep you full and also keep you regular!
  • 1 cool little shaker cup for your protein shake
  • 1 measuring tape
  • Your book that explains everything and tells you what to take when as well as gives you recipes for your meals after day 2

I have to admit I was a bit skeptical of this, I’d seen the results from other people posted online and I really wondered whether it was possible to lose a large amount of weight over such a short period of time and expect it to stay off?…….

Day 1 & 2 – The detox a.k.a. the hardest part!

Breakfast:  120ml Aloe Vera Gel, 2 Garcinia tablets, 1 Therm tablet

Mid Morning: Fibre sachet dissolved in water

Lunch: 120ml Aloe Vera Gel, 2 Garcinia tablets, 1 Therm tablet, 1 scoop Forever Lite Ultra made with 300ml water or Almond/rice milk

Dinner: 120ml Aloe Vera Gel, 2 Garcinia tablets, 1 Therm tablet

Evening: 120ml Aloe Vera Gel, 2 Garcinia tablets

Snacks: Selected fruit & veg from your “free” list

Exercise: Min 30mins low intensity exercise (walking, swimming etc.)


On my way to Bootcamp!

So I started the first 2 days with just the above, doesn’t look very appetising does it?!  Luckily, I was also allowed some food from a free list of fruit & veg including apples, strawberries, red grapes and lots of salad veggies so mid morning I had a small bit of fruit cut up in a bowl then at Dinner I had a small mixed leaf salad with onion, tomato & cucumber with a teaspoon of Balsamic Vinegar.  I actually looked forward to this even though it wasn’t much but it made the 2 days a lot more bareable!

How I felt:  In a nutshell – Hangry! These were the hardest days by far, I craved something tasty, I hated the Aloe Gel and I questioned whether I could actually continue!  As it turned out I got through it, my Forever distributor Jenny was a great source of help and encouragement and she gave me a tip to add a tiny drop of diluted juice to the Gel to make it easier to take and that did the job nicely.  I have to say though, whenever I felt hungry, I could fill up (within reason) on fruit and veg from my free list so for that reason this was more bareable than I thought.

I absolutely loved the shake, it was really tasty and I looked forward to having it!  I made mine with Almond milk and it gave it a lovely taste, I also added in some strawberries, raspberries or blueberries and whizzed it up in my smoothie maker for variety and that was gorgeous and very filling.

On the second day I did a really intense exercise class and I was really surprised at the level of energy I had!  I thought I’d be really low on energy and tired but no, that wasn’t the case at all, I felt fantastic!

Tip:  I couldn’t wait to get started on the cleanse as soon as it was delivered to me, but I didn’t realise that it’s actually recommended that you begin taking the Aloe Gel 4 – 5 days prior to beginning, just to get used to the taste (it really does take some getting used to, there’s no denying it!) so I really wish I had done that and it may have eased me in better.

Temptation was EVERYWHERE!  But I kept going :-)

Temptation was EVERYWHERE! But I kept going :-)

Days 3 – 9

Breakfast:  120ml Aloe Vera Gel, 2 Garcinia tablets, 1 Therm tablet, 1 scoop Forever Lite Ultra made with 300ml water or Almond/rice milk

Mid Morning: Fibre sachet dissolved in water

Lunch: 2 Garcinia tablets, 1 Therm tablet, 1 scoop Forever Lite Ultra made with 300ml water or Almond/rice milk

Dinner: 2 Garcinia tablets, 1 Therm tablet, 1 600 calorie meal – 800 cals for men

Evening: 2 Garcinia tablets

Snacks: Selected fruit & veg from your “free” list

Exercise: Min 30mins moderate intensity exercise (Jogging, Aerobics etc.)

I was super excited about day 3 because it included a full meal, yay!  There were great suggestions on what to have included in the book but most days I had some salmon or a chicken breast, a side salad with olive oil & balsamic vinegar and a small portion of brown rice.  At this stage, it was the nicest meal I ever tasted, no joke! :-)

On day 4 I had a bit of a setback, my baby daughter was unexpectedly taken into hospital, nothing serious thank god, just a kidney infection but she was in for 4 days which, as you can imagine, really threw me out of my routine!  I was with her most of the time so it was tough to keep going but then again, I didn’t have to think about what to have, I just had my shakes at breakfast and lunch and then bought a salad in the hospital shop for dinner.  I was totally preoccupied with my poor sick baby which obviously kept my mind off food and eating.  Of course, I couldn’t exercise though which was a pain.  I was surprised how well I stuck to it though everything considered.

On the last day, day 9, you are allowed to have a 300 cal meal for lunch as well as your 600 cal meal so that helped to ease me back into healthy eating.

How I felt: Great!  The Aloe Gel was easier to take, especially since it was just the once, in the morning, and somehow the taste wasn’t as bad. It really is one of those things you get used to after a while and the health benefits are worth it.  Also I never felt hungry, the shakes were so filling and the weather was so warm, I was drinking loads of water so that helped too.  A bonus of being stuck in hospital was that there were no temptations to eat anything other than what I had.  I was still able to snack on some fruit so I’d have an apple mid-morning and a pear mid-afternoon to ease any hunger pangs.

My stomach felt flatter and I definitely felt trimmer and just healthier in general so it was well worth sticking to it. But more importantly…..

The Results:  After the 9 days I weighed and measured myself and I had lost 8lbs and 5 inches all over which I was delighted with!  I think not being able to exercise put me at a bit of a disadvantage but still just over half a stone wasn’t a bad result at all!  More than the weightloss though, I felt great.  My skin was clear and bright, my digestive system was in top form again – I suffer with IBS so it’s always great to do a good cleanse every now and then. Also my sugar cravings were gone, it was like pressing the reset button on my whole system which was really the result I wanted.

If you’re thinking of doing it, I would highly recommend it.  Yes, it’s quite expensive as far as detoxes go and some might argue, if you eat so little. you’d still lose the weight, but I do think it’s worth it because with all the supplements you take, you are nutritionally supported through your cleanse and you don’t feel hungry or lacking in vitamins and you have tons of energy.  I’ve done a juice detox before and I had absolutely zero energy doing it and just felt drained and ravenously hungry, so in comparison I’d go with the C9 every time as you get the same, if not better results and you can actually EAT!

Would Clean 9 be for you?

Well, only you can decide that, but if you want any of the following, I’d say go for it!:

  • You want to kickstart your weightloss
  • You have a wedding, holiday or special occasion that you want to look amazing for, or maybe drop a dress size
  • You need to lose weight quickly for medical reasons
  • Want to cleanse your whole system out and lose the sweet cravings
  • You suffer with IBS and want some relief from your symptoms

Would I do it again?

Yes, absolutely!  It really wasn’t that bad at all, and the results were so worth it.  I’m now one week on from it and I’ve started eating really healthy so I’ve lost a further 2lbs and still feeling good which is great!  So in answer to my question above, is it too good to be true and will you just put all the weight back on?  No, it seems not – once you don’t go back to old habits and you continue eating healthy.  :-)

Also I had forgotten how good the Aloe Vera is for easing the symptoms of IBS, I used to take it years ago but this stuff is so much better than what you get in the health food shop – if you read the label, that stuff is Aloe JUICE which is different all together – Forever Aloe Gel is way more concentrated and works much better on your whole digestive system.

I may keep taking the Garcinia & Therm tablets as they were really good supplements for weightloss.  Also I really liked the shakes so much I would defo repurchase those, especially for mornings when I’m rushing out the door and haven’t got time for breakfast (as is the case for most busy mums!).  It would be better to take this with Almond milk and some berries whizzed together than to have nothing and it’s so filling and tasty.  It would be great to have before or after a workout too as it’s high in protein.

Would you try this yourself or do you think it’s too extreme?  I’d love to know what you think below :-)

Also, if you’re looking to do Clean 9 yourself and want to order it or have any questions, just drop me an email to or send me a message on my Facebook page and I can point you in the right direction :-)


My current Makeup Routine / Makeup in a hurry

My go-to Makeup!

My go-to Makeup!

Inspired by the fact that I just don’t have as much time as I used to for applying makeup, I decided to share my makeup routine with you and the products I am using a lot lately :-)  This is a great look for if you want to look bright and glowing or just presentable for work and you don’t have much time.

Also, because the real trick to applying makeup is the tools you use – your brushes – I’ve listed just a few of my faves and why I love them for super quick but precise makeup application.

It might seem like a lot of products and steps but I promise you I have this down to literally, 5 minutes so with practice and the right tools, it can be done!  Of course you can swap some products for ones you already have or leave some out that you definitely wouldn’t use but here’s what I use and how I apply it:

Using these products together will give you a lovely glow and hide any dark circles or signs of tiredness!

1. Apply a thin layer of Boots Botanics Radiance Balm to your face using your fingers, this gives a lovely glow to your skin.

2. Right now I’m loving BB creams because when the weather is a bit warmer they also double up as sunscreen and this Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector is my favourite since it is an oil free formula (I have oily/combo skin but they also do a hydrating one for dry skin) & it has an SPF of 20 which is great.  Of course you can use your regular foundation too if you’d prefer and mix it with the radiance balm for a dewy finish.  Just apply with your fingers for a quick application or a foundation brush if you have a bit more time.

3. Dab some Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer in a semi-circle under your eyes and using your ring finger, pat it in gently and evenly from the corner of your nose to the outside of your cheekbone.  This one is great for reflecting light and brightening up your under eye area.

4. Lightly load your powder brush with Catrice All Matt Plus Powder and dust gently down your T-Zone only as you don’t want the skin to have a matte finish, it needs to have a glow but ensure your base lasts the day.  Give a quick swipe under each eye to set your concealer too.

5. This is optional, but if you want you can use a bronzer lightly all over the face or on your neck to blend the foundation to your skin.  Also if you like a bit of contouring this Bourjois Mat Illusion bronzer is perfect for that and looks really natural, this one is a definite favourite of mine :-)


1. This Smashbox Full Exposure Palette is a great one to have for doing your makeup in a hurry.  It has every neutral brown colour you could possibly need and the brush that comes with it is just fantastic, you will get great use from it which is a bonus!  I mostly use the first 3 colours on the bottom and I add the top middle colour to my lids for a bit of shimmer!  Also, when applied with an angle brush (like the one in the Real Techniques kit below) you can use the matte black shade as an eyeliner, you just literally press it along the lashline with the angle brush and it’s much easier than using a pencil I find.  You can also wet the brush for more intensity and staying power.  I love, love LOVE this versatile palette :-)

2. If you’re not too confident with eyeshadow or just want something super quick, you can’t go wrong with a MAC Paintpot.  There is a good range of colours and you can literally pop them on with your finger and blend away the edges, job done!  I know they are pricey, but they’re worth it cos they last and don’t crease like some others.

3.  Eyebrows are really important to your overall makeup so if you don’t usually make time to enhance and define your eyebrows, try it and it will transform  your face, I promise!  The GOSH Eyebrow Kit is perfect because it comes with 4 powder shades and a small angle brush, just pop a bit on the brush and run through your brows following your natural shape.

4. Obviously mascara is a must-have and this Bourjois 1 Seconde Volume one is great it really does give your lashes volume and 1 application is enough.  This is one I always repurchase every time I run out!

1.  This Stila Convertable Colour is a great 2 in 1 product.  You can apply it on your cheeks (just pop on the colour and pat, don’t rub, gently with your finger to blend) and also to your lips and I love the range of colours!

2. I really rate the Topshop range of makeup and their Highlighters are to die for!  This Topshop Glow Stick highligher crayon is amazing and it blends really well.  Just swipe it lightly from the top of your cheekbones up to your browbone (in a C shape) and tap with your index finger to blend.  You can also take some on your ring finger and pop it on your inner tear duct area to give you a lovely wide awake look (perfect for busy Mammies!)4

1. As I said, no makeup look will be perfected without the right tools so for eyes, I love the Inglot 4ss for blending everything out after you’ve applied your eyeshadow, this is the secret to a  professional look in a hurry!

2. I use the NIMA BRUSH “Nichola” brush when I want to apply colour to my crease as its tapered end is perfect and applies the colour exactly where you want it to go.

3. If you’re looking for a basic brush kit, you can’t go wrong with this Real Techniques Basics Kit it has a great angle brush as well as eyeshadow brushes that can be used on powder or cream products.

4. The Blank Canvas G25 powder brush is perfect for dusting setting powder or bronzer all over.  If you’re really in a hurry and prefer to use powder blush, you can apply just using the tip as it’s quite a big brush.

So there you go, I hope this was helpful :-) If you try it out please let me know here or on any of my social media pages, I’d love to see it.

Hey, I’m back, did you miss me?!


Well hello there!  It’s been a while I know, I’ve been busy being a mammy and have totally neglected my blog so you’ll have to forgive me but I’ve just been in the best little baby bubble since having my beautiful baby girl, Eva, in November. So I  went with it, and gave myself as much time as I needed to just enjoy her and make the most of the time I have with her!

My baby Eva, who's been keeping me busy all this time!

My baby Eva, who’s been keepingtme busy all this time!

Now, I’m feeling the need to get back to doing what I love and what makes me feel like more than just a Mammy – blogging about all things beauty & makeup!  I’m going to add a little more to my usual posts though and aim some of my posts at other Mammies, whether you’re looking for tips on quick makeup, how to look less tired, losing baby weight (or weight in general!) and getting/feeling fit and healthy.  Don’t worry though, I swear I haven’t turned into a baby bore!!  I’ll still be reviewing all my beauty and makeup favourites so I hope you enjoy some of the posts I will have on here and be sure to check out my Facebook Page as well as my Instagram @Kandigloss where I’m very active.

Of course I still do makeup and I put a lot of pics of my work on the above pages and also on my Website if you want to check them out!

Looking forward to posting again and chatting to all my followers!

Michelle xxx

New Skincare Routine using Kiehls Cleanser, Toner and Moisturiser

I often change my skincare routine, especially coming into the Summer or Winter months as I find my skin changes.  Right now I’m pregnant too (hence a lack of posts here, sorry about that!) so my skin has actually changed for the better!  I used to suffer with hormonal acne around my chin/neck area, but that’s gone and I’m glad to see the back of it to be honest!  My skin has taken to pregnancy really well and is just glowing at the moment.  The only issue I have is pigmentation on my forehead and under my eyes so with the hot sunny weather, I wanted a good moisturiser with an SPF that would protect my skin and stop the pigmentation worstening.

I had heard loads about Kiehls skincare and often had a browse in the stores but I hadn’t actually tried anything.  So while wandering in Dundrum one day I decided on a whim to pop in and have a look. Luckily it was at a quiet time and the sales assistant offered to do a skin analysis on me which turned out to be pretty good actually!  He asked me questions about my current skincare routine and the state of my skin at the moment and then he took two little blotting pads and told me to hold them on my skin for a few seconds.  He then matched them to a chart and was able to tell from that, that my skin was oily/dry combination (something that I already knew but it was good to have it confirmed!).  Based on that he recommended the following products and I’ve been trying them out for a month now with great results:

Ultra Facial Cleanser – €18

Kiehls Ultra Facial Cleanser

Kiehls Ultra Facial Cleanser

This is a gel cleanser that you use with water to cleanse your skin thouroughly and melt through any makeup.  Now I was a bit sceptical about this because I’ve always only used cream cleansers with cotton wool to remove my makeup.  Most other cleansers I’ve used with water have left my skin feeling dry and “stripped” of moisture.  Not this one though, I wet my face and popped a tiny bit in the palm of my hand, lathering it up and applying all over my face in small circular motions. I then used a wet facecloth to remove the residue from my skin and it was left looking and feeling fresh and clean.  I am very impressed with this, it really is a great cleanser.  You would need a separate eye makeup remover but this does a great job of breaking down makeup and grime on your skin.  The only issue I have with this is the packaging it comes in, if you don’t close the lid properly, you can find a big blob of product has escaped as the tube stands upside down on its cap.  This wasted a good bit of the product inside unfortunately so make sure you close the cap tight!

Ultra Facial Toner – €18

Kiehls Ultra Facial Toner

Kiehls Ultra Facial Toner

Another must in my skincare routine, is a good skin toner.  The sales assistant recommended this one for me.  Now it does have a small amount of alcohol in it which I always try to avoid in a toner as again, it can strip your skin.  The sales assistant managed to convince me that with the oilyness of my skin, it could actually do with this to really make sure it was clean.  I popped some of this on a cotton pad and ran it over my face and it actually managed to lift off more residues of makeup that was left there from cleansing!  Just goes to show you, you shouldn’t skip your toner, no matter how good your cleanser is as it really picks up any leftover dirt left on your skin.  This was lovely to use and again, didn’t leave my skin feeling dry.  Loving this also :-)

Ultra Facial Moisturiser SPF 30 – €29 for 125ml

Ultra Facial Moisturiser

I bought the cleanser and the toner but I wasn’t sure about the moisturiser that the SA suggested as it was quite thick and I wanted to be sure it would suit my skin so he very kindly gave me a sample of this moisturiser to use and to see how I got on with it.  It was a very generous sample in fairness, 30ml which lasted me a good while!  This is quite a thick forumla and you really have to work it into the skin but that’s because it comes with a high SPF of 30 which blocks out UVA & UVB rays, so perfect for summer days when you’re just going about your business. I have to say, if you are sunbathing or planning to be exposed to the sun for long periods of time, you should use a total sunblock with an SPF of 50+.  This however, was perfect for me, I put it on under my regular foundation and it moistursed and protected my skin really well.  It did make my skin a little shiny though and I had to make sure I set my foundation with powder otherwise it would have looked a bit too “greasy” but that wasn’t a problem for me.  I would definitely purchase this as my moisturiser for the summer months.  It’s just so handy not having to use a separate SPF to your regular moisturser.

Overall, I’m loving Kiehls I must say.  The sales assistants seem to be well trained and really know their stuff when it comes to skincare and they do a great skin analysis so you’re guaranteed to get the right products just for you and not waste your money on something recommended to you that doesn’t work so I’d highly recommend at least having the consultation and maybe picking up a few samples to try.  I’m also loving the prices, they are a lot less than what I thought they’d be and the products are very generously sized so last ages which is fantastic!

I also love the no fuss packaging of the products and obviously the fact that they really work, cater for a wide range of skin concerns and include a range for men too!

Have you tried Kiehls products?  What do you think?  Let me know below :-)





Baby B Browne Tan Review

Recently I found the most gorgeous tan that I have to tell you about.  Baby B Brown is a beautiful natural fake tan which I used for the first time last month, when I went on my hols to Ibiza and I have been addicted ever since.

Baby B Brown Tanner

It comes in a pump bottle and you just apply all over with a fake tan mitt.  I ADORED the smell of this, it was really gorgeous and not like fake tan at all – more like chocolate!  It went on really evenly and the guide colour was nice enough to wear by itself.  The tan develops after a few hours and when you wash off the guide colour, you’re left with most beautifully natural golden tan which lasts for days and isn’t a bit orange!  Also, no need to worry about the chlorine in the pool making it fade, it lasted well for me.  When it does eventually fade naturally,  it does so evenly so you’re not left with horrible patches that you have to scrub your skin red raw to get rid of!

Baby B Brown on Mitt

I’m loving this as a summer tan and would really reccomend it to bring with you on holidays, even to top up a spray tan half way through your hols.  Or just for those beautiful summer days we seem to be getting lately :-)

You can buy this online at Pink Sugar Sparkles online store (also check out her fab jewelly while you’re there!) And best of all it’s only €19.95!  I would really recommend you check this out guys, let me know what you think if you do!


EXCLUSIVE – NYX Cosmetics Launches in Ireland!

You may or may not have heard of US brand NYX Cosmetics but it is a popular brand of makeup which is widely available in US “Drugstores” and adored by Makeup lovers, Celebrities, Youtube Makeup gurus and Makeup Artists alike.  It hasn’t been so easy for us to get our hands on the brand unfortunately – until now!  I was super excited to hear that they are now stocking this in selected Pharmacies in Ireland as it really is a great quality brand!

The collection includes everything from foundations and lip glosses to illuminators and primers, crayons and pens to shine controllers, all using a wealth of design innovations.  Cult favourites include their eye crayons which provide a fantastic base for a smoky eye as well as their blushes and their fantastic eyeshadow shades which are often exact dupes of MAC shadows & blushes for a fraction of the price which I love!

I was sent some NYX products to try so I will review what I got below:


Eyeshadow Palette – Love in Florence

NYX Eye Palette in "Love in Florence"

NYX Eye Palette in “Love in Florence”

You’ll be spoilt for choice with this gorgeous purple eyeshadow palette which includes a good selection of hues that all compliment each other and blend perfectly.  From other NYX Palettes I have tried, I have found that the quality of the shadows can be compromised a little in comparison to the single eyeshadows that NYX do but I didn’t find that to be the case here.  I would always use an eye primer anyway but the shadows lasted all day and were just as vibrant at the end of the day as when I applied them that morning!  I’m VERY impressed with this I must say!


Jumbo Eye Pencil -Dark Brown

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil Dark Brown

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil Dark Brown

One of the things NYX is most known for is their Jumbo Eye Pencils which can be used alone as a shadow or smudged as a base for eyeshadow, if doing a smoky eye for example.  It gives your eyeshadow fantastic staying power and extreme intensity.  This wasn’t too greasy and blended really well without going all over the place which I loved.  I definitely plan to pick up more of these to add to my collection as should any Makeup Artist!


Eye Pencil – Seafoam Green

NYX Eye Pencil in Seafoam Green

NYX Eye Pencil in Seafoam Green

This pencil was an absolute dream to apply.  I put it on my lower lashline after using the purple eyeshadow and I loved how it looked (see below).  The colour is a vibrant green and the finish is kind of metalic and it smudged really well into the lashline without fading away to nothing and lasted all day so I’m looking forward to getting some more of these in different colours.  They would really give the Urban Decay 24/7 liners a run for their money in my opinion!


Blush – Silky Rose

NYX Blush Silky Rose

NYX Blush Silky Rose

This blush is nothing short of AMAZING!  The intensity of the pigment really surprised me.  It’s quite a vibrant colour so I only needed the tiniest amount on my brush and it blended seamlessly so I didn’t end up looking like Aunt Sally!  Again these are great dupes for MAC blushes and it’s well worth picking up a few as they come in a wide range of colours.


Lip Pencil in Honey Nectar

NYX Jumbo Lip Pencil in Honey Nectar

NYX Jumbo Lip Pencil in Honey Nectar

I really liked this lip pencil, it has a good dense colour with a slightly sheeny finish to it but yet it lasts well. However, I wasn’t a fan of the smell!  It smells a bit “Chemical-y” which is slightly off-putting but I would be willing to let that slide as overall it is a good lip product.


Matte Lipstick in Red

NYX Matte Lipstick in Red

NYX Matte Lipstick in Red

I loved this lippy, it’s from the Matte range so it’s longlasting when you apply it.  The red shade was really nice too, quite an unusual red, more of a Brick colour, I really liked it and I loved the packaging.


Lip Butter – Tiramisu

NYX Butter Gloss in Tiramisu

NYX Butter Gloss in Tiramisu

This is a beautiful lip gloss, I absolutely adored it!  It smells like Chocolate, (always a bonus in my book!) is really glossy and moisturising on your lips and lasts quite well considering it’s a gloss and they aren’t very long wearing.  The colour is a lovely pinky nude that doesn’t wash you out and I’d imagine, would suit most people.  Will be stockpiling these in every colour!! :-)

This is the look I created using the eyeshadow, eye pencil, blush and lip products.  I thought it was really fresh and colourful and it reminded me that you can go a bit colourful for a daytime look, and the neutral lips were perfect with the pop of colour on the eyes.

Makeup Look using NYX Products

Makeup Look using NYX Products


The prices for these products range from €3 – €20 so they are very reasonable. At the moment I don’t have a full list of Pharmacies stocking NYX but once I get one I will update this or I will let you know on my Facebook or Twitter pages so make sure you follow me there :-)

What do you think, will you be rushing out to buy NYX Cosmetics?  Let me know if you have any favourites below.