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Wearable Brown Eyeshadows for Everyday Wear/Work

When applying eyeshadow, the best shades to start out with are browns and Neutral colours as they suit all eye & hair colourings and you really can’t go wrong with them.

Some of my favourites are:


Satin Taupe – A lovely brown with a slight sheen, and my hands down favourite!

Patina – A similar brown to Satin Taupe with with a pinky iridescent sheen to it

Cork – A matte mid-toned brown

Handwritten – A lovely rich matte chocolate brown colour

My Favourite brown\neutral Palettes are:

Urban Decay Naked Palette

Sleek iDivine Palette in Au Natural

Smash Box Palette for blue Eyes

I’ll do up another blog post soon to show you a nice every day look you can do yourself with these colours.

Let me know what your favourite brown/neutral eyeshadow is 🙂

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Easy Quick Makeup – for when you’ve no time to spare

Some people can’t face the world without makeup and I am definitely one of those people but a makeup routine can be time consuming, especially in the mornings when you’ve so much to do before you even leave the house.  If you like wearing makeup but never seem to have the time to apply it, maybe because you’re always rushing to get out the door to work/college/school or you’re a busy mother whose kids demand your attention so you barely have time to brush your teeth never mind apply makeup! Maybe you like to apply makeup on public transport on your way to work (ignoring the funny looks!) or even in the loo’s once you get there. I don’t recommend applying makeup in your car but I still see tons of women doing this every day on my morning commute to work!

Whether you’re looking for a quick makeup routine to allow you one more hit of the snooze button in the morning or you want to apply your makeup in the easiest way possible with the maximum effect I’ll show you what to use to get perfect makeup with not much time to spare or while on the go.  You can use a couple of the tips if you need to, as you may not like to apply a full face of makeup.  Firstly you need to have a makeup bag packed with the following easy to carry multi-use products:

Tools to apply Makeup

A mini brush set is a great thing to have in your makeup bag and the brushes are less fiddly to use and carry around with you than regular full sized brushes.

Inglot do a great set which comes in a small black zip up case and has 4 really good quality double ended brushes that will fit easily into your makeup bag.


If you need the coverage of a foundation every day but don’t have a lot of time to apply it, a mineral foundation is a good option and gives good coverage.  There are numerous types to choose from, Bare Minerals is a good one or MAC does some great ones too.  You just buff it into your skin in quick circular motions with a buffing brush and it takes less than a minute.

If you have good skin you can just conceal where needed and powder over or use one of the new BB creams.  They are basically a moisturiser with a foundation combined which will also save you time, you can apply this after you cleanse your face in the morning and then you’re done with your base.

Eye shadow

Cream eye shadows are great because you can use your finger to apply them (they actually apply better this way anyway) and you get a good colour that looks effortless and lasts.  Some of the better ones are from Benefit, Bobbi Brown, No7, Catrice and Maybelline and come in a wide range of colours and don’t look too frosty or shimmery for daytime wear.

Eyeliner & Mascara

Eyeliner takes a bit of time and patience to apply, there’s no way around that but some come with a small smudging tool on the end which means your line doesn’t have to be perfect as you can smudge it out after you apply anyway.  A volumising mascara will give you great definition in one application.  The perfect products for the above are the new Maybelline Master Smoky eyes pencil and Colossal Volume Mascara.

Blush & Lipstick

If you wear blush I’d recommend cream formulas that double as a lip and cheek colours, like The Body Shop Lip and Cheek Dome or Stila Convertible Colour.  Or, a cheaper way to do this is to use your favourite lipstick as a cream blush, a quick dab on the apple of your cheek and blend well and it works just as well as the more expensive lip and cheek colours.  My mother has been doing this for years!


Makeup Kits

Benefit do great makeup kits like the Smokin Eyes one below which comes with Eye shadow, Brow colour and eyeliner as well as some cool little brushes.   Their Big Beautiful Eyes palette is great too and comes with a concealer which is really handy.

So there you are, it’s easy to look great every day by applying makeup quickly in minimum amount of time.  Now you’ve no excuse for scaring small children by stepping outside the door Au Natural! 😉 😀

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Great Cheaper Everyday Foundations

People always ask me if there are any good “cheap” foundations that they can use to save their more expensive ones, especially if they wear makeup every day as you can really find yourself having to replace your makeup very quickly so it’s a good idea to use a less high end brand of foundation for every day use. I recently tried out some cheaper brands of foundation to see if they could work as an every day foundation and maybe save my more expensive ones for the weekends and nights out.  I bought two foundations one called Healthy Mix from Bourjois and also Rimmel’s new Wake Me Up foundation.

Bourjois, Healthy Mix

The claim from Bourjois on this foundation is “Bourjois’ 1st radiance-boosting fruit therapy foundation for a flawless complexion for up to 16hrs!”

At €12.45  it’s a bargain, although a lot of pharmacies do special offers on this from time to time.

What I loved about this foundation:

  • It has a lovely fresh smell and it just glides on.  It applies like a dream and I find it has great coverage, hides any redness or blemishes but without looking heavy or caked.  It can be applied light and natural or in layers for heavier coverage.
  • This is a great foundation for all skin types but it’s great for dry skin as it has various fruit ingredients that help nourish your skin and is suitable whether dry or combination. If you are very oily, you may need to use a primer.
  • The claims that it last 16 hours are very accurate I have to say.  I did a Zumba class while wearing this stuff and although I was sweating buckets this didn’t even budge off my face and I’m not exaggerating one bit!
  • The shade range is very good also, 8 different shades in total and there is a very light shade that suits pale Irish skin right up to a darker shade for darker skin so there’s something to suit everyone.
  • It comes in a pump bottle which I love as you only use what you need and there’s no wastage.

My Thoughts:

I LOVE this foundation, I had heard great things about it.  It has come out top in all sorts of beauty polls and it really does live up to its good name.  Wow! is all I can say, I’m so impressed with it that I’ll be wearing it every day in work from now on.

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation

This is also another good one for everyday use and will give your skin a lovely radiant glow.  The claims are that it’s: “Rimmel’s first liquid foundation that instantly reawakens skin with a healthy, radiant glow your skin will bounce back to life – even if your body is thinking otherwise.

Immediately eliminates visible signs of tiredness so skin looks rejuvenated. Also minimising signs of premature ageing.  Wake Me Up works just as hard as you – staying put for up to 10 hours and giving you a natural, medium to full coverage”

The price of Wake Me Up foundation is a pocket friendly €10.95 and again it’s available in most good pharmacies such as Boots.

What I love about this foundation:

  • As soon as you apply this, it just feels lovely and refreshing on your skin; it literally does wake it up and bring your complexion to life!
  • The smell is fresh and the consistency of this is quite creamy so it gives a good medium to full coverage.
  • Again, it comes in a pump bottle and a little goes a long way. Also it seems to last ages.
  • It works best with dry/combination skin as it’s so dewy, so not suitable for oily skin as it can tend to look quite shiny. (I will do another review on foundations for oily/spot prone skin but in the meantime see my suggestions for you below)
  • It gives your skin a beautiful glow and is great for tired dull skin or to give radiance and a flawless look to ageing skin.
  • It has an SPF of 15 and comes in 6 shades so you’re bound to find a colour to suit you also.

My Thoughts:

I really like this one also, and for the price you can’t go wrong.  It lasts a long time too, not quite as long as the Healthy Mix but it doesn’t melt off at the end of the working day which is great.  The matching concealer to this is brilliant stuff and I love it even more than the foundation.  It’s just the right consistency and coverage to use under the eye area and doesn’t cake up.  You could use this with any foundation, even the higher end ones, and it would look great!

So thumbs up to both of these foundations, they are great for the price and they do a better job than some of the more expensive foundations it has to be said!

Cheap Foundations for Oily/problem skin:

Revlon Colorstay Foundation for oily/combo skin – €17.99

Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation – €8.75

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How to choose the Foundation that’s right for you

There’s a lot to say about foundation, and I will be posting a whole series on this topic including some reviews on my favourites over the next few weeks but for now I’ll start with how to choose the right foundation specifically for you.  If you follow my advice, you’ll never again have to waste your money on an expensive foundation that’s completely unsuitable for you. Yay!

There are so many foundations out there with different formulas and finishes so it can be hard to choose the right one.  Buying foundation is not something you should do on impulse as you have to be sure it matches your skin perfectly.  A lot of women make the mistake of buying the “latest” foundation out which claims all sorts but doesn’t always deliver for everyone!  What looks great on your friend or workmate, might not be suitable for you as people have different skin types and so the foundation that suits their skin, might not suit yours.  And if you fork out for the same foundation, you’ll be making a very expensive mistake if it doesn’t suit your skin type or is the wrong colour.

Testing, Testing…

When you want to buy a new foundation you need to test it first to make sure that it’s suitable for your skin.  It’s also a good idea to try a few different brands to see which is best. First get yourself some small containers with a screw on lid to collect samples (you can get them in Boots or in any chemist or beauty supply store) and then go to a large department store where there’s a few different makeup counters.  Narrow it down to the brands you want to try and ask the sales assistants at the counter to recommend a foundation and colour that’s suitable to your skin.  Some counters have little samples already that they can give you once they’ve matched your colour.  Some other counters are particularly stingy when it comes to giving samples and usually the sales assistants will try to get you to sit down and let them apply the foundation on you.  It’s fine if they are colour testing a small area but generally I never let them do this – you don’t want them to do your whole face as it’s really best to take the sample away and try as part of your makeup routine, using your own brushes/concealer/powder  etc. as this will give you the best chance of knowing whether it’s suitable or not once you’ve seen how it sits and lasts on your skin for the day.  Also they’ll try to sell you other things that you most likely don’t need so just be firm and say that you would only buy the foundation if you can get a sample and try it out for yourself.  If they’re still having none of it, move on to the next counter!  You’ve got to be ruthless here OK?!

When choosing they type of foundation, the key things to consider are:

Your skin type – whether you’re oily, dry, sensitive or combination, first and foremost, you need to choose the right foundation formula for your type of skin and some are better than others so make sure to let the sales assistant know what type you are although they will usually ask you this.  You would always choose a moisturiser or other skincare products to suit your skin type and choosing foundation is no different to that.

Your Skin Colour – Obviously you’ve got to have a perfect match for your skin colour – this is the easiest to get wrong.  It can be difficult to choose this yourself so if you need to, ask for help when trying.  As a general guide:

  • A yellow toned foundation will suit a lot of skin tones and hide any redness but be careful it’s not too orange looking on you.
  • If you are very pale skinned, go for a foundation with a pink undertone to it.
  • If you want foundation for going out or for a special occasion, and you will be wearing fake tan, wear your tan when you are testing the colour and don’t try to guess on pale skin as it’s just impossible to do!
  • You should test on your jawline and blend the colour down towards your neck.  The foundation should disappear into your skin with no obvious dark edge and it shouldn’t look too light against your own skin colour either.
  • Check the colour in natural daylight to see how it looks as it will always look different outside the artificial light of the store.

Coverage – Foundation comes in different coverages, ranging from:

Full coverage – usually in a compact or cream formula.

Medium or buildable coverage – liquid foundation or mineral powder.

Light coverage/tint – tinted moisturiser or BB cream.

The coverage you require will depend on how much skin you want to show through your foundation and whether you have any imperfections you want to cover up.  Your age is also a factor in choosing coverage as heavy makeup can sometimes accentuate lines and wrinkles.


And just to confuse matters even more it also comes in different finishes!  For example a matte finish will give a powdery velvet finish with little or no shine, whereas a satin or luminous finish will give you a youthful sheen to the skin and look radiant, a la JLo!

Top Tip: If you find a foundation that you really love, consider buying two shades, a paler one for winter or times when you’re a bit pasty and a darker one for summer or wearing with a tan.  If you’re in between colours you can always mix the two, I do this all the time and I can always get a perfect colour match.

That’s all for now, I’d really love your feedback on which foundation you’re wearing and if you love it or not or even any questions you may have so please leave me a comment below or contact me on Facebook or Twitter anytime. 🙂

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Bobbi Brown Lipgloss – Review

Just a quick post to tell you about one of my favourite lip glosses at the moment.  It’s from Bobbi Brown and it’s in the colour “Hot Pink” which is just the most beautiful vibrant shade of Fuchsia Pink that suits most skin tones and colouring.  I had this on my (ever growing!)  list for a while and when I went to buy it they had actually sold out everywhere in Dublin, such is its popularity!

When you first look at the colour in the tube it can look quite scary but don’t let that put you off because once applied to your lips, it goes on sheer enough to give a hint of colour or you can layer it up to intensify the colour.  It’s more than enough to wear on it’s own without lipstick as the colour is so intense, but of course you can wear it over lipstick if you like, plus it’s super glossy and will stay put for ages!

I always get lots of compliments when I wear it since adds such a lovely pop of colour to your face that it really brightensup your makeup look.  It feels super moisturising on your lips and it smells of Vanilla too which is always a bonus 🙂

The only thing I don’t like about it, is that it’s quite gloopy and sticks to everything but that’s par for the course with most lipglosses. You just need to carry it with you to re-apply often.  Then try your best not to eat anything (particularly if it’s salty or sugary!) and leg it from your other half if he tries to kiss you. ;-) ;-)  Well, you wouldn’t want him to ruin your lovely gloss now would you?!

Bobbi Brown’s lip glosses are my favourites and they literally come in every colour under the sun!  You can buy Bobbi Brown makeup in Brown Thomas stores in Dublin, Cork and Galway. Arnotts also stock it or House of Fraser in Dundrum.  If you’re passing through Dublin Airport you can pick it up there duty free. The price for this lip gloss is €22.

Top Tip:  If you want the colour to last, line your lips with a similar shade of lip pencil and layer the gloss over the colour.

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IsaDora Eyeshadow Trio – Review

Debenhams have some great makeup stands in their stores at the moment and one of the newest ones in their Tallaght store is a little known cosmetics brand called IsaDora.  The makeup seems to be of great quality so on a recent visit I picked up this lovely little eyeshadow palette with a trio of gorgeous shimmery colours that would look only fabulous to wear on a night out.

IsaDora describes them as a “Baked eye shadow with high percentage of pearl” and yep, that’s completely accurate.

The one I chose was #86 Leopard but they have a really large selection in lots of different colours.  It costs €12.95 which is reasonable enough for 3 shadows.  The packaging is sleek and sturdy and it comes with a foam applicator and a small mirror in the lid.

As you can see below there’s a light gold highlight colour, a darker brown/gold and a reddy bronze colour

What I liked about these:

  1. The colours are beautiful and vibrant with good colour payoff, they also have great staying power especially if used with an eyeshadow base.  I can’t fault the quality of these at all.
  2. The colours can be worn alone or together and they are complimentary to each other so that takes the guess work out of what shades to wear together which is always a plus.
  3. They are beautifully shimmery, sparkly and iridescent and anyone who knows me, knows that this is definitely another plus in my book!
  4. The price is reasonable, great excuse to pick up a few! 😉

What I didn’t like:

  1. The shadow goes everywhere when you dip your brush into it, so you have to be careful of it dropping onto your cheek or you seriously risk looking like a discoball!
  2. They wouldn’t really be suitable for more mature ladies as the shimmer content is so high that any lines around the eyes would be highlighted.
  3. You regularly have to clean off the inside of the packaging because the shadow kind of gathers in it because it drops off so much when you dip into it, but look, it’s not a major issue and most shadows do that anyway. (I’m really just nitpicking now!)

I decided to wear the eyeshadow yesterday and this is how it looked on me.

I’m sure I looked completely overdone wandering round the fruit and veg aisle in Dunnes but I felt fab and got to test it out for you lot so that’s all that matters 😉  Let me know if you’ll be trying it 😀

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IsaDora Large Bronzing Powder Review

I’ve been lusting after this bronzer for a while now but the price at €25.95 kind of put me off so recently, on a post pay day trip to Debenhams, I decided to treat myself.  The Bronzer comes in a huge compact with nice big mirror in the lid and you can choose from 4 different colours, I chose #94 Matte Tan but it also comes in a more shimmery finish if that’s your thing.


IsaDora states that it is a: “Richly pigmented large bronzing powder for a fresh sun kissed look” and I’d have to agree with that, the colour is natural and goes on flawlessly and even – once you use the right brush.


My thoughts on it:

I have to say I am very impressed with it, for a number of reasons:

  1. Its size – It’s fecking huge!! There’s a generous 35g of product in the compact – it’s roughly about the same size as a CD so this is going to last you for ages!
  2. The price – For the amount of product you get, it’s well worth it.  A MAC bronzer at €21.50 for 10g of product seems way overpriced in comparison.
  3. The colour – Very nice and natural – you won’t look like you’ve been tango’ed!  This will work well on paler skintones with a light tan. And because it’s a Matte formulation, it can be used for contouring the face. Plus it comes in a good range of colours, from light to dark, to suit everyone.
  4. Can be used all over – Not just for the face, you can use this on your body too if you use a larger brush.
  5. Gives some of the more expensive ones a run for their money – Forget your Guerlain, NARS & Benefit bronzers, this is the one I’ll be sticking to in future.

See the difference before and after below:


Now to the things I didn’t like:

  1. Its size – It’s my blog and I’m allowed to contradict myself ok?! 😉 No but really, the fact that it’s Ginormous means that you can’t exactly toss it in your bag and go.  Although they also do the smaller regular sized bronzers too which is handy but means you have fork out for another compact.
  2. The fear of dropping it – The risk of having that “NOOOOOOO…..” moment that sees your beautiful bronzer slip from your butter fingers (in slow motion obviously 😉 ) and smash to a million pieces on the floor while you stare in disbelief trying to figure out whether you could salvage the larger pieces and still use it.  It’s a very real possibility, especially for a klutz like me.

That’s it really.  I’m loving this bronzer at the moment and I’d definitely recommend it so go and buy it while the sun is still out!

Tip for Applying Bronzer

I see too many girls going crazy with the bronzer and they end up looking more like they’ve been washing with mud than achieving a sunkissed glow.  Remember bronzer should be applied with a light hand as it’s the one part of your makeup that if you apply it wrong, there’s no going back! So better to use too little than too much.  You should dust it lightly on the temples, nose, under the cheekbones and lightly on the neck/chest for a natural look.  Applying all over the face & neck in a series of swirls is not the most flattering way to wear bronzer.