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IsaDora Eyeshadow Trio – Review

Debenhams have some great makeup stands in their stores at the moment and one of the newest ones in their Tallaght store is a little known cosmetics brand called IsaDora.  The makeup seems to be of great quality so on a recent visit I picked up this lovely little eyeshadow palette with a trio of gorgeous shimmery colours that would look only fabulous to wear on a night out.

IsaDora describes them as a “Baked eye shadow with high percentage of pearl” and yep, that’s completely accurate.

The one I chose was #86 Leopard but they have a really large selection in lots of different colours.  It costs €12.95 which is reasonable enough for 3 shadows.  The packaging is sleek and sturdy and it comes with a foam applicator and a small mirror in the lid.

As you can see below there’s a light gold highlight colour, a darker brown/gold and a reddy bronze colour

What I liked about these:

  1. The colours are beautiful and vibrant with good colour payoff, they also have great staying power especially if used with an eyeshadow base.  I can’t fault the quality of these at all.
  2. The colours can be worn alone or together and they are complimentary to each other so that takes the guess work out of what shades to wear together which is always a plus.
  3. They are beautifully shimmery, sparkly and iridescent and anyone who knows me, knows that this is definitely another plus in my book!
  4. The price is reasonable, great excuse to pick up a few! 😉

What I didn’t like:

  1. The shadow goes everywhere when you dip your brush into it, so you have to be careful of it dropping onto your cheek or you seriously risk looking like a discoball!
  2. They wouldn’t really be suitable for more mature ladies as the shimmer content is so high that any lines around the eyes would be highlighted.
  3. You regularly have to clean off the inside of the packaging because the shadow kind of gathers in it because it drops off so much when you dip into it, but look, it’s not a major issue and most shadows do that anyway. (I’m really just nitpicking now!)

I decided to wear the eyeshadow yesterday and this is how it looked on me.

I’m sure I looked completely overdone wandering round the fruit and veg aisle in Dunnes but I felt fab and got to test it out for you lot so that’s all that matters 😉  Let me know if you’ll be trying it 😀


3 thoughts on “IsaDora Eyeshadow Trio – Review”

  1. Basically, you take the middle shade and apply all over the lid using a flat eyeshadow brush. Then you take a fluffier blending brush and blend the last, darker colour into the outer part of your eyelid, blending very well. The light shade, you sweep under your browbone and in the inner tearduct of your eye. So it goes in a gradient of colour from light in the inner corner to darker on the outside of your eye Hope that’s some help to you but I will put up a more detailed post on it soon and that will give you a better idea 🙂

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