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Review: Yves St Laurent – Le Teint Touche Eclat Foundation

I’ve been wanting to try this foundation for a while now but it was such a big hit when it was first released that I couldn’t even get a sample!  I was in Brown Thomas at the weekend so decided to try again and this time I was in luck.  The sales assistant colour matched me and gave me a little bottle with enough for 2 – 3 applications which was more than enough to give me a good idea of whether it’s suitable or not.

As I advised in my previous post on choosing foundation here:  you really need to take the sample home and try it for the day using  your own foundation brush/concealer/powder and see how it wears during the day.  I wanted to get one for myself but I also wanted to see if it would be suitable for my kit for bridal work.  It’s kind of frustrating for me, because I have combination skin and have problems with oiliness on my nose so as much as I would love a glowing finish to my foundation, I tend to stick to matte foundations as anything with a dewy or radiant finish usually has my nose looking like it’s been dipped in oil within a few hours and just doesn’t last.  So I was interested to see how this would work on me.

I applied this foundation with no primer underneath and my Real Techniques foundation buffing brush and it took a couple of “coats” but eventually it gave me a lovely dewy, medium coverage.  As always I needed to use concealer under my eyes and over a few spots on my face but it looked really well and gave a bit of a glow without making my skin look neither shiny or caked in makeup, impressive so far!

The sales assistant told me that I didn’t need to use powder with it so I only put a light dusting over my nose which usually turns into an oil slick if I don’t.  However, despite the powder, the oil was coming through  within a couple of hours.  I had to blot and powder 3 hours after applying it initially so I would say you have to be prepared to touch up regularly with this foundation which I hate and which made me think it may not be suitable for Bridal Makeup on those with oily/combination skin.  I did love the radiance it gave my skin though so it would be great if that was the finish you were looking for.

I also tested it on a working day, but I used a primer this time (Revlon Photoready Perfecting Primer) and it stayed put and again the radiance it gave was brilliant and my skin looked really natural and glowing but by the end of the day it was sliding off the oily parts of my face which wasn’t good.  I really wanted to like this foundation but if you have oily or combination skin, unfortunately this may not be for you unless you try it with a really good primer.  Here are a few pros and cons anyway.

What I liked:

  • They have a great shade range from pink, to yellow to neutral tones so enough to match any skin colour.
  • The packaging – yes I know, but I’m always a sucker for the packaging and this doesn’t disappoint it comes in a glass bottle with a gold pump and is expensive looking but understated at the same time
  • The price of €38 for a 30ml bottle.  While that isn’t exactly a bargain, it’s not bad for a high-end foundation. Some in the same league such as Chanel and Dior are near €50 -€60 range.  If you used it for nights out or special occasions it would go a long way.
  • The consistancy is nice, really fluid like, which means it doesn’t cake or settle in fine lines and you can build it in layers without getting the caked in makeup effect.
  • Gives your skin a luminous glow that makes you look really glowing and healthy.

What I didn’t like:

  • If you’ve got Oily or combination skin you must use a primer with this or it won’t last.  For very oily skin, it may be a no-go all together,  as I said get a tester before you buy and try it out first.
  • It may not be suitable for brides.  It’s got light reflecting pigments which, in real life make you look amazing but under flash photography can cause “ghost face” where the light reflecting particles in the foundation act like tiny mirrors reflecting the light back and while this gives a great effect to the naked eye, it’s not so good with flash photography so while I didn’t see evidence of that on the photo’s I took, I wouldn’t risk it for a bride.

I know that the Touche Ecat concealer/highlighing pen causes the “Reverse Panda” effect where the undereyes appear brighter under a camera flash, (see picture of Eva Longoria below, courtesy of so that’s why I was a bit reluctant to get the foundation for my kit if it had the same effect all over!

Having said all that, I can see why it’s hyped, it does give a beautiful finish to the skin. Will you be trying Le Teint Touche Eclat? Let me know below 🙂


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