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How to Wear: Red Lipstick

Red lips will never go out of fashion and that is a fact.  Celebrities like Dita Von Teese, Gwen Stefani,  Imelda May and of course, the iconic Marilyn Monroe, have all made red lips their signature look and all have a sophisticated, timeless style because nothing says glamour and sophistication like true red lips!   You don’t have to be a celebrity to rock a red lip though, anyone can wear this and look amazing.  It’s all about finding the right shade for your skin tone.

Pale Skintones: Pale and Irish skin tones look better with blue-reds such as MAC’s Russian Red or Ruby Woo, both of which are staples in my makeup kit.  I used Russian Red on the model below for  photo shoot that I did for boudoir photographer Secret boudoir in Dublin a while ago.  It is a deep matte colour (although I did use some gloss also in the picture below) and really is my favourite shade of red lippy!

Sallow/Darker skintones:  My favourite colour for darker skintones is another MAC lipstick, Lady Danger.  It’s more of a coral/red colour which is also matte. I used Lady Danger on the model below and it gave a lovely dramatic look that you couldn’t ignore!

Tips for wearing red lipstick:

Red lips are HIGH maintenance, be prepared for constant top ups, teeth checking and lipstick marks on anyone you smooch up to, but for the impact it gives, I reckon it’s worth it 🙂

  • Before you apply it, make sure your lips are in top condition, scrub them with a wet toothbrush to get rid of dry skin, then a few minutes before you plan on applying your lippy, slather on lip balm or I always use Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream which is perfect for conditioning lips.
  • Line and fill in your lips with a matching shade of lipliner, this will act as a base colour and give you the perfect outline that you need with red lips.
  • Apply your lipstick, either straight from the tube or with a lipbrush for more control, then blot with tissue, lightly dust over some translucent powder and reapply lipstick, then blot again.  This will give your lipstick staying power and is a good tip for any colour lippy.
  • Clean up any uneven areas with concealer applied with a brush around the outline of the lipstick for a perfect line.
  • Make sure any spots or redness on your skin is concealed as the redness can be highlighted by red lipstick, your foundation base needs to be flawless for maximum impact.
  • Don’t use too much eyeshadow when wearing red lips, wearing just eyeliner looks fantastic either winged as in the first picture above or smudged and slightly smoked out as in the second picture.
  • Generally, blue toned lipsticks make teeth look whiter but orange toned lipsticks can highlight yellow teeth so be careful!

These lipsticks cost €17.50 from MAC stores but if you’re on a budget, you can use cheaper, pharmacy brands.  Catrice do some great ones as well as the Kate Moss range from Rimmel.

Will you trying Red lipstick any time soon?

2 thoughts on “How to Wear: Red Lipstick”

  1. I love red lipstick, I wear it nearly every day now. Once I figured out about powdering after the first layer of lipstick, my lipstick seemed to last so much longer.

    I currently love Lancome’s Rouge in Love Dans Ses Bras, it’s a really wearable red for the daytime.

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