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Magnetic Nails – IsaDora & Barry M

I’m not one for faffing around with fancy nails and although there seems to be an abundance of nail art tutorials on youtube and pinterest etc., as much as I tell myself that I must try them sometime, I never get around to it.  The truth is, I want a nail polish that I can paint on easily while watching TV – maximum impact with minimum effort basically! Step forward the latest “Magnetic Nails” Nail Polishes!
First up is this one from IsaDora in “Iron Lady” a mid purple colour

It comes in a box with the nail polish and two different magnets that make both a star pattern and a wave pattern.  You just paint your nail and then hold the magnet over the nail for 15-20 seconds and ta da…magnetic nails 🙂

I used the wave pattern in the pic above.

The IsaDora one is great because, it dries quickly and comes with 2 patterns for something different.  It also comes in 6 shades but the colours are a bit samey, there are at least 4 varieties of purple alone so I’d like to see a better colour range.  Also it chipped after 2 days which was a bit of a pain but I do love the results.  These are €10 available in Debenhams stores.

Next up is the Barry M Magnetic Nail Effects

I LOVE these.  The polish looks great and lasts for days.  I applied this and 4 days later they were still chip free which is fantastic 🙂  The magnet for this is in the lid of the bottle and they come in 9 different shades in a wide range of colours.  The colour I used above is “Magnetic Red”.  They cost €6 in Boots and Superdrug and I’ll definitely be adding more colours to my collection!
Top Tip:  When you paint these on, make sure not to coat the nail too thinly or the polish will dry too quickly and the pattern won’t form when you hold the magnet over it. You have to use the magnet when the paint is still wet and these are very fast drying polishes.  Also some top coats seem to make the pattern disappear when you apply them so don’t use them just to be sure.

Have you tried these yet?  Got any other favourites brands?


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