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SAMPAR Paris Skincare

A few weeks ago, while wandering around the cosmetics section of Debenhams drooling over makeup, I ran into this brand of skincare, SAMPAR Paris.  I’d never heard of them before and that’s because they are new to Ireland but apparently they are a really well known brand in France (they’re sold in Sephora).  The sales assistant offered to enter me into a competition to win a gift basket of SAMPAR goodies and I gave her my details thinking I’d never win.  Well, I nearly fell off my chair when I got a call from her a few days later to say I’d won the goodies!  Fecking delirah I was 🙂 I never win anything!

Anyway I’ve been trying out these products for a few weeks and I do like them so thought I’d do a review on what I got in case there’s anything there that’d suit you lot.

SAMPAR is a French cosmetic brand.  They don’t test their products on animals and all products are non-comedogenic – sounds great eh?

Now to the science bit: “We equipped all of our products with an antipollution shield, the urban advance complex. Its 3 active ingredients neutralize the negative effects of pollutants, relax the skin and boost its natural defences.”

Glamour Shot – Transparent Foundation – €39

They say: A cream with the results of make-up? Must be magic! Glamour Shot is the 1st transparent foundation to be applied over your daily moisturizer. Watch unwanted shine, fines lines & wrinkles (83%*), pores, redness and blemishes fade away in just seconds. The complexion is immediately unified (91%*). After 1 month, the wrinkles and fine lines seem smoothed (91%*), the skin is like lifted (91%*), the face seems firmer (83%*). Results: Wrinkles are visibly corrected, the skin texture is smoothed, and the complexion is matte.

I say:  Transparent foundation? – no sorry it just doesn’t work for that, I don’t know about you but I need colour in my foundation to hide the redness and even my skintone…. maybe you could use it this way if you have absolutley perfect blemish free skin but since most of us don’t, this won’t really work.  Having said that, it  is good to use as a primer under your foundation as it smoothes everything out and creates an even base.  It can also be used over makeup to mattify the skin as a touch up.  It’s quite expensive for just a primer though never mind a foundation with no colour!

Ultra Hydrating Fluid – €64

They say: Intense hydration is your first defense against early wrinkles, and Ultra Moisturizing Fluid quenches thirsty skin, strengthening restructuring mechanisms and protecting it all day long.

Results: Wrapped in a cocoon of well-being and carefree, the skin reclaims its suppleness and vitality.

I say: Carefree?!  Not after paying that price I wouldn’t be!  Very pricey for a moisturiser I must say but if you want a good one then by all means splash out and treat yourself.  I do like this moisturiser though, my skin just drinks it up and it seems to be doing it good plus I love the pump bottle that dispenses just the right amount so you don’t waste any and so it seems to last for ages.

You’d be better off buying the set of 2 products below in which you get the moisturiser for free:

Urban Glamour Kit €39

Offer yourself the complexion of your dreams with the “must have” Glamour Shot, the skin care that reduces wrinkles and imperfections in 1 minute!

You get the Ultra Hydrating Fluid for free, rich in hyaluronic acid, that intensely moisturizes for a completely rejuvenated complexion.

Daily Dose Foaming Cleanser – €20

They say: Daily Dose Foaming Cleanser, a delicate blend of essential oils and lime-blossom water, lifts away make-up and impurities and restores a perfect balance to combination and oily skin.

Results: The skin is purified, balanced, clear and freed of excess sebum.

I say: I didn’t get on very well with this but then I’m not a fan of foaming cleansers, the dry parts of my combination skin really don’t like them.  Although this says it’s for combination and oily skin it still made my skin feel a little tight afterwards but then that’s just the way my skin is.  If you have very oily skin this will work well for you.  I gave this to my Mam and she loved it.

3 Day Weekend Moisturiser – €39

They say: 3 Day Weekend is a moisturizing face care with amazing tan activator and extender properties that gives the skin a breath of summer air. Its fresh and moisturizing gel stimulates the skin’s natural melanin, pigment necessary for tanning, for sunkissed skin without sun, self-tanners or make-up all year long.

The new and improved 3 Day Weekend formula promises:
– Intense 24-hour moisturization
– Up to 32% increase of melanin levels*
– Safeguard your sun resistance capital with SSP (Smart Sun Prevention)

I say: Hmmm… not sure about this.  I used this religiously every night and while it was lovely and quite moisurising given it has the consistance of a serum rather than a cream, it didn’t tan my face at all!  It doesn’t have any tanning ingredients in it so how it was supposed to do that I have no idea.  Nice moisturiser, but don’t buy this if you’re looking to tan your face.

Nocturnal Rescue Mask – €29

They Say: Night after night, the Nocturnal Rescue Mask becomes one with your skin to create a veritable reparative film and accelerate its natural regenerative processes. This remedy for blemished skin is the proud guardian of your skin’s purity and finesse.

Results: The skin is mattified, the pores tightened, marks and cutaneous redness eliminated.

Especially suited for oily and combination skins.

I Say:  I tried this every night before going to bed and I did actually notice a difference in the oilyness in my skin and it did tighten my pores and the price is not too bad so I would give this a thumbs up!

Overall, I was half and half with these products, they were good quality and seem to have good ingredients, however they have the prices of a high end brand – one of their Moisturisers is over €100! – so if your budget doesn’t stretch to that then this is not the brand for you.  I like the moisturiser  above but again, it’s quite expensive to buy on it’s own without the set.  Also some of the claims are a bit out there, colourless foundation and tanning moisuriser with no tanning ingredients?? Okaaaaay…!!

Anyway they are very generous with their samples so if you see the SAMPAR counter in Debenhams, check them out and ask for some samples of products you might like to try.


7 thoughts on “SAMPAR Paris Skincare”

  1. They look like great products but I don’t see myself ever being able to spend that much money on a brand!! I do like the packaging though, very pretty! I’ll stick with my avon facemask for the moment though! 🙂

    1. You’re right Kellie, they are so expensive, I liked them a lot but I won’t be repurchasing myself. I have switched to No7’s cleansers and moisturisers recently though and I think they’re great, must to a post on them!

      1. I find tesco my skin range amazing! Sounds odd but go with me! It’s aimed at teenage skin so it’s very gentle (perfect for sensitive skin like mine). The scrub is brilliant, gentle but effective and the foaming wash is so lovely!!
        They are only around €2.50 each and I am mad about them! I use olay beauty fluid moisturiser. My granny told me to try it nearly ten years ago and I’ve never looked back!

  2. Wow Tesco?! You’d never think of them would you? I must get them for my daughter, she’s 16 and I’m trying to get her to start a good skincare regime going now but she’s just not that fussed lol! Yeah my Mother swears by Oil of Ulay (as she calls it, cos it used to be known as this) or Olay as it’s now called. You have to go with what works for you. I’ve been trying so many new products lately and some are good but there are some things you just have to stick with cos you know they work well with your skin. Thanks for the recommendation Kellie x

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