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MAC New Clear Palettes

MAC have a new Palette which is clear so if you are a lover of MAC’s eyeshadows and collect quite a few of them I would recommend you check this out.

MAC Clear Palette

I popped my two new Green colours in to show you how they sit (more about them as well as a Green eyemakeup tutorial in another post!), you can put 24 eyeshadows in like this or if you use the insert that comes separately you can fit 15 shadows as below.  If you use it without the insert you can put a few blushers in along with your eyeshadows also, as MAC do blusher pans too, this is so handy for when you are travelling and only want to bring certain colours with you and have everything to hand in the one palette.

Clear Palette with Insert
Clear Palette with Insert

The good thing about these is that you can also put other eyeshadows in with the MAC ones such as the Inglot eyeshadow pans which are also magnetic so you can have eyeshadows from different brands in the one palette which is only great!  These palettes cost €18 from MAC and if you want to buy the insert that’s another €8 so €26 for both.  There are other similar palettes you can use also.

Z Palette
Z Palette

The Z Palette is another good one that you can use for any eyeshadow and blusher pans, once you prise your eyeshadow/blusher pans from their original casing you can stick on the little magnatised stickers that come with the Z Palette to the back and they instantly stay in the palette!  You can buy these online from  and they are approximately €20/€22 with P&P as it’s a UK site.

Do you have a big eyeshadow collection and will you be getting these?


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