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How to Make your own Custom Lip Palette

If you’re anything like me, you have tons of lippies lying around and you usually have to root through them all to find exactly what you want!  Or worse still you have to lug them around in your handbag and they regularly go missing!  Nightmare.

Since I’m a makeup artist, I need to have all the lipstick colours I have to hand and I found that when I was lugging them around in my kit, they were taking up so much space and I was wasting time trying to read all the lables to see which was which so I came across a method of melting down my lipsticks into a customisable palette which anyone can do quickly and easily with any brand of lipstick.  This is a great idea for if you are going on holidays and want to bring all your lipsticks with you but want to save space/weight in your luggage.


All you need is the following:

1. An empty plastic palette (a pill box or bobbin case would work for this also).  I used a plastic one from Muji

2. Some small stickers from any stationary shop and a pen

3. A sharp pointed knife

4. All your fave lippies

5. A microwave

6. Some guts to be able to chop up your beloved lippies!

Collage As in the pics above, do the following

1. Top Left Pic

Take your empty plastic palette and which ever lippies you want to use.  I would advise that you fill all wells and melt together as it doesn’t work as well if you only half fill and then go back later to add more and melt the lot again.  Also put down some paper towels as it gets messy!

2. Top Middle Pic

Cut your lipstick at the base of the bullet with your sharp knife and place the lipstick you’ve just cut, aside.  You want to get at the colour that’s in the tube so using the pointed bit of your knife you dig it in and twist until all the product inside the tube comes out, scrape out every last bit and put it into the plastic well of your palette.   There’s plenty of product in there and it won’t go to waste which is great!

3. Top Right Pic

It’s a good Idea to write your labels out and stick them on as you place the lipsticks in, otherwise you’ll forget which is which.

When you have taken out all the product that’s inside and the tube is empty, take the bullet that you cut off before and pop it back into the tube.  You then still have a working lipstick that you can still use in this way, it will still twist up and down and be the same as it was before.

4. Bottom Pic

When you have put in all the colours you want and added in all the labels, put your plastic palette into the microwave and heat for 30 seconds.

You may find that some brands of lipstick melt slower than others so if they need to go in for another 20/30 seconds then do this.

5. Your completed palette

Do not remove your palette from the microwave until the lipstick has set as it will be a runny consistancy and the lipsticks could easily run into each other as mine did if you look closely at the pic!  I wish I’d been less impatient so you can learn from my mistake there!

Then, you’re good to go and can bring your palette anywhere with you!  Muji also do 6 pan palettes if you want a smaller one to carry with you.  Then only downside to this, is that you must to use a lipstick brush, as it’s not very hygienic to keep dabbing your finger in to get the product out.  But that’s not a hassle, I just use the end of the lipstick brush to scrape a bit out onto the back of my hand and then work the brush into it and apply that way.

Then if you want to bring your lipstick out with you for touch ups, you still have the original so it’s all good!

Will you have the nerve to try this?  Let me know in the comments below!





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