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Vaseline Spray & Go Body Moisturiser Review

One beauty related thing I hate doing is applying body moisturiser, it just takes so long! I ain’t got time to stand there covering every inch of my body in lotion then waiting for it to sink in so I can get dressed. Luckily Vaseline felt my pain and have brought out a new spray body Moisturiser which is a pretty genius idea!

Cocoa Radiant
Cocoa Radiant

The one I got was “Cocoa Radiant” and I’m really liking it. You press the nozzle and out comes a continuous fine mist of the moisturiser which is distributed evenly all over your bod. You can turn the bottle any which way and it’ll still spray AND you can get hard to reach, often neglected areas like your back.

You do have to pat the moisturiser into your skin afterwards but that doesn’t take long so it still saves you time. It contains Cocoa Butter, smells like chocolate (that alone is reason to buy it!) and the smell lingers all day. Plus your skin feels well moisturised and looks radiant but doesn’t feel a bit sticky or greasy so you can get dressed straight away.

There are a couple of downsides though:

  • You have to put a large towel down on the floor underneath you or the spray will get all over it and if you’ve got wooden or tiled floors this is not good believe me! I nearly went skiing a few times before realising this!
  • Although the spray can looks big (it’s 190ml), it really doesn’t last very long. I only got 2 weeks out of mine which was disappointing.  That’s down to the continuous spray action when you apply it. Because it sprays everywhere and not just on your skin, a lot of the product is wasted, which is a shame.


There are 2 other types in the range, Essential Moisture with Pure Oat Extract and Aloe Fresh with Aloe Vera (so really soothing for the skin) and they cost €6.15 from Boots and other Pharmacies.

Despite my gripes, I have to say that this is a really good moisturiser and I would probably purchase again and just use when I’m in a hurry ‘cos it’s perfect for that.

What do you think of this?  Also is there anything beauty related that you just hate doing?

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