How to Choose a Professional Makeup Artist

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So,  you have decided to engage a professional makeup artist, what should you do next?

Seek out a makeup artist

It’s difficult and unfair to gauge what an artist can do without looking at his/her portfolio.  However, for an evening / day makeup, a general rule of thumb is this:  if you like a particular artist’s own makeup, then you’ll likely like what she can do for you.

Professional makeup artists fall in a couple categories:

  • Employed – If you engage one, that usually means you’re engaging the company that employs them unless you engage them during their non-work hours. If they work for a company that sells products, they are expected to use their products.
  • Freelancing –  Freelancers are more flexible in mobility and time.

Another important thing to consider when you choose an artist is the ‘trust’ factor.  Oftentimes this is built from an existing relationship…

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