Debs Season Inspiration

I was really busy last week with Debs Makeup bookings and unfortunately my blog got a little neglected 😦  So this week, I thought I’d do a blog post showing you the looks I did.  All the girls whose makeup I did looked absolutely stunning and I loved creating the perfect look for them 🙂


My own daughter also went to her Debs (or, Prom as it’s called in other countries), she’s a bit of a tomboy so she doesn’t like wearing makeup.  I know…..  Most teenage girls would love having a Makeup Artist for a mother but not this one, she can be quite stubborn when she wants lol!  I really had to twist her arm to let me do it, but when I was finished with her she actually loved it and she really looked amazing.

My Daughters Debs
My Daughters Debs

It can be hard to know what look to go for and I’d say it really depends on your dress.  You can wear eye makeup or lipstick that matches your dress or go for a classic smoky eye or neutral look that would suit all styles.

The pics below are of my Daughters friend Claire.  She is such a gorgeous girl and had the most beautiful eyes so I went with a light green shimmery cream shadow from Chanel and smoked it up with black eyeshadow at the edges to really make her eyes stand out.


Are you going to your Debs/Prom?  And if so have you decided what makeup you’ll wear?  What is your favourite look here.  Let me know below! 😀


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