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Wow Brown Ready to Glo – Review

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I was delighted to be sent a bottle of this new fake tan from Wow Brown to review.   Wow Brown is an Irish fake tanning brand created by two lovely ladies called Fran and Don who are both beauty therapists and wanted to create a good long lasting tan for Irish women and so from there came, Wow Brown 🙂

It comes in liquid form contained in a little 100ml spray bottle so it’s perfect for bringing with you if you’re travelling.  You’d never think for such a small bottle, that you’d get much out of it but it actually goes a lot further than you would imagine!


It arrived at just the right time, I was going to a wedding the next day so in preparation for that, I took a tanning mitt and sprayed it a couple of times with the dark liquid (which looks a little scary when you see JUST how dark it is!) and that was enough to do one area of my body, a little bit really went a long way.  Also, I noticed that the smell is actually quite nice and there’s no horrible fake tan smell lingering off you ‘til you shower!  It actually says on the box that it’s “boyfriend friendly”  – I love that!   The colour goes on really smoothly but as with any fake tan application, it’s definitely worth exfoliating and moisturising well the day before for best results.

Once I did my whole body it only took a minute or two to dry.  It wasn’t sticky and the guide colour was a nice dark brown that would actually work great as an instant tan if you’re in a hurry.  However, I applied this before bed and as the liquid is really dark, the colour did transfer onto my night clothes and bed sheets…so make sure you don’t sleep in light coloured clothes/sheets after applying this!

Next morning, I hopped into the shower to wash off the guide colour and the tan that was left was very close to what was already there, a gorgeous dark golden brown with a nice even colour and not at all patchy or orange so I was really impressed with that.  I often find with some tans, when you go to wash off the guide colour, you’re only left with a light tan and could probably do with a top-up but this definitely wasn’t the case with Wow Brown, so if you prefer a dark tan that you don’t have to do 2 or more layers of, then this is the one for you.

Before & After
Before & After

One of the best things about this tan is that the colour lasts for at least 5 days which is bloody fantastic in my book!  And it fades so evenly so you could reapply without any patches of old tan lingering around to ruin your bronzed look.  If I was going on holiday, I’d use this as it gives you a perfect colour and is much better than a spray tan since you can top it up yourself after a week.  Not to mention how travel friendly the little bottle is!

Wow Brown Ready to Glow is priced at €21.99 so it’s a great buy and I’d definitely go and repurchase this myself for “good” use.  You can buy it on the Wow Brown website as well as large pharmacies nationwide.

Have you tried this yet?  What did you think?


4 thoughts on “Wow Brown Ready to Glo – Review”

  1. Like that “boyfriend friendly” as it reminds me a comment that my son (16) made a few weeks ago about going to a party with his school friends saying that the all the girls look orange and stink of fake tan. Never realized (never used fake tan in my life) that fake tan products have bad smell. This fact totally makes sense to me as these products normally contain a high content of nasty chemicals. So good to know that someone is doing some thing about it including more natural ingredients in these products. Well I am just guessing that this product has. I would try fake tan as long as it is 100% natural.

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