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Royal & Langnickel Travel Brush set

I recently picked up this Royal & Langnickel Travel brush set when I was looking for a mini brush set to keep in my handbag for touch ups during the day.  It’s just perfect for that, so I couldn’t pass it.

It comes with each of the following:

  • Foundation brush
  • Blush/powder brush
  • Double ended eye shader/lip brush
  • Double ended slanted eye blender/pencil brush
  • Double ended smudger/angled brush

So, there’s almost everything you need to do your whole makeup all in one little compact leather pouch!

R&N Mini Brushes Open

R&N Mini Brush Set

I was blown away by the quality of these little brushes.  I’ve seen similar sets and the quality has been really bad in comparison with full sized brushes but that’s not the case here, they may be small, but they are perfectly formed!  They’re made with natural hair and I have to say, really do a great job.

I love the fact that the brushes are all of the ones that you should actually have, but in miniture!

To celebrate reaching 1000 followers on my blog (& almost the same on my Facebook page!) I am going to be giving one of these sets away as well as a goodie pack of cosmetics to the value of €100 so go to my Facebook page  for details! 🙂

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Budget Beauty – My Favourite Makeup Products for Under €6

Today I’m sharing a few of my favourite budget makeup products for under €6.  You don’t have to spend a fortune at MAC or any other high-end makeup counter to get a nice Lippy, some quality Eyeshadows or a nice nail polish that gives great impact.  There are some great budget beauty brands out there, my favourites being Essence and Catrice as well as MUA.  You can easily buy a nice new lippy and nail polish to go with your new outfit for the weekend and still get change of a fiver from it!  Perfect for when money is tight but you need a little boost!

Catrice Eyeshadows

Catrice Eyeshadows

I love these Absolute Eye Colour shadows from Catrice for €2.25 each.  The clear plastic packaging they come in, looks really fab and there’s a wide range of colours which are really pigmented considering how cheap they are!  I also love their Absolute Nude palette which is only €5.50.  It’s a great dupe for Urban Decays Naked palette and great for everyday wear.

Essence Nail Polish

It will cost you just €1.89 for one of these lovely nail polishes  which come in a variety of colours or glitter types.  So you can change your nail colour to your mood or outfit instantly!  I love them, and being so cheap I always pick up a few!  Essence bring out great collections every now and again, with limited edition colours so there’s always something new!

Catrice Colour & Go Nail Polish

I’m especially loving their Nail Art Cracking Top Coat polish.  I painted my nails with a silver INGLOT nail polish (but you can use any brand) and then just painted over with the black Catrice Cracking Top Coat and there you go…. cool Crackle effect nails!  Also, it cost less than €2 so I picked one up in Silver also.  The colour combos are endless and the effect is fantastic.


MUA Eyeshadow Palettes

Some other eyeshadow palettes worth mentioning are the MUA palettes which are available in Superdrug.  Again they are amazingly good quality & pigmentation for the unbelievable price of €5.15 for 12 shades!  Now if that’s not a bargain, I don’t know what is!  The one below, “Undressed” is again, very similar to the UD Naked Palette and has a wide range of shades to create a stunning day-time or a smoky night-time look.  There are a couple of matte shades in the palette to which is great and there are other palettes in the range also from smoky to matte to colourful so they’re great value.  I’m also a big fan of their individual eyeshadows for only €1 each!!!  Some of which, are great dupes for MAC colours…. Where would you get it?!

MUA Eyeshadow Palette

Collection 2000 – Cream Puff Moisturising Lip Cream

I love these lip colours which look like lipgloss but are actually completely matte and give a smooth velvet finish that lasts for ages.  Best of all they’re only €3.85!   They come in 4 shades.

Cream Puff


A lipliner is a great budget beauty buy as you can use it as it was intended or applied all over your lips as a lip colour that really lasts.  The Essence ones were less than €2 each and the Rimmel one was €5.25 and is really good quality and very long lasting so well worth checking out.


There are tons more budget beauty buys that deserve a mention and I haven’t even covered Foundations, Mascara’s or other makeup products (which is just as well or this would be a very long post! )  So I’ll cover more over the next few weeks 🙂

Which are your favourite budget makeup products?  As usual, I’d love to know in the comments below!

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Stargazer Eye Dust Pigments &Purple Eyes Tutorial

I recently tried out some Eye Dust pigments from Stargazer which I got from the Pro makeup show (a tenner for 3 – bargain!).   You can also buy these online for only £4 each from the Stargazer UK site.  They have amazing colours all with a bit of irridescence to them and they are so well pigmented for the price.  Considering you’d pay up to €20 for a MAC pigment, these are a steal and they come in 48 different colours!

The two I used here were #29 for the lid colour (below)

Purple Pigment

and #14 for the inner corner & brow-bone (below)

Light Pigment

You can see how the flash picks up the lovely irridescent flecks, they really are gorgeous.

And here is the completed look

Stargazer Pigments Look

I just added eyeliner & mascara along with a nice pink blush by MAC, called Dainty and a Pink Lipgloss – Juicy Tubes by Lancome – and I was done!

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Bridal Series – How to find the right Makeup Artist for your Wedding day & what to expect from them

Most brides these days know the importance of choosing a professional Makeup Artist for their wedding day.  A good makeup artist knows how to apply makeup which will look good and, most importantly, last from the photos to the ceremony, all the way to the dancing at the end of the night!  He or she will also know what will looks good on camera and how to define your features so you glow with a natural beauty.


Here are some tips on picking a good makeup artist:

  1. Check their website and Facebook pages for pics of their recent work.  They should have a good number of pictures of real brides and not set up bridal photo-shoots, selfies or practice pictures from their makeup course!
  2. Don’t be afraid to contact them with any questions such as what makeup they use  (they should use mostly high quality brands of makeup) or whether they can offer skincare advice leading up to the wedding.
  3. Check what qualifications they have.  They don’t have to be working for a makeup counter but they should have recognised qualifications so that they are trained to do Bridal makeup.
  4. You should book your makeup artist 1 year to 6 months in advance of the wedding.  Some popular artists can book out 12 – 18 months in advance!  Especially for weekends or popular dates like bank holidays or around Christmas time, so tick it off your list early.
  5. This is a big one!  As tempting as it might be to get someone who’s not very experienced or “does their own makeup lovely”  to do yours on your wedding day – don’t do it!  Hire a professional.  As much as someone may be good at putting makeup on themselves and have plenty of selfies to prove it, trusting them to apply makeup to you & your bridal party on your big day is a different story!  I’ve heard so many stories of girls who got a friend or someone down the road  who did a 5 week makeup course to do their wedding makeup and it has turned out to be a disaster!  Remember your wedding photos last forever and so does a bad makeup job, so wedding makeup is the one thing you should not scrimp on and I can’t say that enough.  Also if someone is charging 25 a face to do wedding makeup, I would be wary, you really do get what you pay for I’m afraid and they may not have the skill and professional makeup in their kit to give you the look you deserve for your wedding day.


What you should expect:

  • Your makeup artist should give you a quote which includes makeup for yourself and your bridal party on the day.  Any trials will be priced separately and should be booked in advance of the wedding – A trial is extremely important in order to come up with the perfect look for you, so don’t skip it!  You can expect the trial to last for 1-2 hours and most are carried out at the makeup artists house, although they can come to you if preferred.
  • They should make a list of the exact products used on you and take pictures so that they can recreate the same look for you on your wedding day.
  • They should be able to advise you on a skin care routine to follow leading up to your big day.
  • If there is anything your makeup artist does at the trial that you don’t like, let them know and they can change it for you or adjust it on the day to make sure  you’re happy.  After all it’s only makeup so can easily come off or be adjusted by a good makeup artist.
  • If you don’t like everything that the makeup artist has done on you, you don’t have to book her/him for your wedding day.  It’s so important to feel like you will look your absolute best so if they have put too-dark foundation on you, that’s not exactly going to inspire confidence!  However, most true professional artists can match your foundation and colouring no problems and they are experienced enough to know what colours suit you.
  • You should have some idea of the look you’re going for prior to the trial, if you have something specific in mind and you have pictures to show (of a celebrity for example), that will be really helpful to your makeup artist.
  • Make sure you let your makeup artist know exactly what level of makeup you want on the day.  You may be someone who rarely wears makeup so wouldn’t feel comfortable with a smokey eye or bright lips and you might just want to look like a natural more pretty version of yourself with very light makeup.  Then again, you may be used to wearing a lot of makeup, including liner and lashes and you may want to go all out with a pretty, glam look.  If so discuss this with your makeup artist beforehand so there are no misunderstandings.  If you just say “do whatever you want, I’m easy” and then you don’t like what she/he does, you can’t really blame them if they had no guidance or at least a general idea of what you want.
  • Remember your makeup will probably be a little more and a bit more colourful than what you are used to, even for someone who doesn’t wear much makeup.  The reason for this is that it must be defined enough to show in the pictures and also applied well enough to last the whole day/night.  However, it shouldn’t be of drag queen proportions! (unless that’s the look you are going for!!)
  • Your makeup artist should be able to supply and apply false lashes, either strip or individual lashes for you and your bridal party on the day.

Wedding makeup 3

On the day:

  • Your makeup artist should arrive early and in plenty of time to do all of your bridal party.
  • You can expect each makeup application to last 30 – 45 minutes (more for the bride or for smokier looks) so be aware of that when planning hairdresser timings etc.
  • The makeup artist should stay for touch-ups prior to you leaving your house.
  • They should be able to provide you with a sample of the lip products used on you and your bridal party for touch-ups during the day but you should carry your own powder or blot sheets if necessary.  The makeup artist can buy these for you and give them to you on the day, so just ask!
  • Finally, your makeup artist will always appreciate it if you send them a professional photo (for their portfolio) after the wedding which clearly shows the makeup of you and your bridal party 🙂

Wedding makeup 2

If you have any further questions or would like to book me for your wedding makeup, check out my website at: or

Or email me at

All pics above are of weddings that I have done makeup for 🙂

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Madison Makeup – Contour Palette

Recently, I got to try this amazing cream contour palette from soon-to-be-launched makeup brand Madison Makeup. Creator of Madison Makeup Paul, who also owns The Cosmetic Outlet is VERY excited to share his new line with everyone.  He is set to launch his new Madison Brushes and then the full makeup line will follow, including this amazing contour palette, just in time for Christmas!

Madison Cream Contour Palette
Madison Cream Contour Palette

This palette helps you achieve that chiselled Kim Kardashian Contour which has the amazing effect of making your face appear slimmer and more defined.

The Kim K Contour
The Kim K Contour

I put it to the test to see just how easy it was to achieve this look.  I didn’t wear any other makeup just so you could see the full effect! Brave for me!


I contoured in the areas specified in the Kim K picture, using a regular foundation brush.  I then used a makeup sponge to blend all in together seamlessly and it gave a beautiful contoured effect and made my face appear MUCH slimmer than it actually is so I was delighted with that!

The cream itself is really easy to work with, very blendable and not too greasy.  Once I had applied and blended, I just powdered over to set the makeup in place and Voila!  Perfect Kim K Contouring!

There are 10 shades so if you’re a professional makeup artist, this is a must-have.   But even if you’re a novice with makeup, you can’t go wrong with this palette and there is definitely a perfect colour match for you here, even if you want to use it as a foundation.

You can order the Madison Makeup Contour Palette from The Cosmetic Outlet, priced at a very reasonable €19.99.

Keep your eyes peeled on here for full details of the Madison Makeup range launching soon!

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Bloggers Meetup Dublin

Myself & Sam from All the Buzz, Michelle  McMahon from talking and Fab cupcakes from Monaco Cupcakes
Myself & Sam from All the Buzz, Michelle McMahon from talking and Fab cupcakes from Monaco Cupcakes

On Saturday I attended a fab bloggers meetup which was organised by the lovely Samantha from All The Buzz (if you haven’t checked out her blog yet, you should!).  It was held in The Cellar in The Church bar in Mary Street which was a fab location.

Nearly 35 girls piled into the place to be greeted with amazing goodie bags from different beauty & skin care companies including a very generous one from Paul at The Cosmetic Outlet.  We also nibbled on some absolutely delicious cupcakes from Monaco Cupcakes. Niamh from NIMA brush was also there to give a demonstration of her amazing brushes which I reviewed previously here.  She also gave us a contour brush to try which was very generous of her and just from using mine today I have to say I’m in love with it!

The Lovely Niamh from Nima Brush giving us a Demo
The Lovely Niamh from Nima Brush giving us a Demo
Fab NIMA Brush
Fab NIMA Brush

There was also a raffle with some fab prizes including a hamper from the Cosmetic Outlet and some vouchers.  €150 was raised for the very worthy charity Reach Out Ireland.

Samantha introducing Michelle McMahon from
Samantha introducing Michelle McMahon from

We also had a talk from Michelle McMahon, editor of online lifestyle magazine  I found it so interesting listening to Michelle and she gave us great tips and insight into what it takes to establish and grow your blog.  She rightfully pointed out that online blogging is the future and women are looking less and less to printed media (magazines, papers etc.) for info on fashion and beauty and more to online bloggers and sites such as as well as the numerous blogs out there.  Most women want to see reviews and swatches for products before forking out their hard-earned money but, despite the recession, women still want to buy little treats to make them feel good about themselves.  So I found that very inspiring and encouraging.

The very generous Goodie Bags we received!
The very generous Goodie Bags we received!
...and their amazing contents!
…and their amazing contents!
Myself, Samantha & Mona at the event
Myself, Samantha & Mona at the event

Overall it was a great afternoon which turned out to be a huge success, plus we all got to find more blogs to check out so it was very worthwhile.  Thanks again to Samantha for organising it and to the various companies who donated the contents of our goodie bags of which I will be reviewing and blogging about soon! 🙂