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Pro Beauty Show – All my Purchases!

I’ve had a busy beauty filled weekend!  I attended a bloggers event on Sunday and then on the Monday, I popped into the Pro Beauty show in the RDS which is a huge mecca for all things beauty.

Pro beauty collage

There are huge discounts to be had here so I drew up my hitlist and off I went with a strict budget.  That didn’t work out too well for me actually, as I was totally distracted by anything sparkly and the bargains were so great I just couldn’t pass them!

Here’s what I came home with:


NIMA Brush – Elite, Eye Detail Set

Firstly, I got this amazing brush set from NIMA Brush which is an Irish brand run by Makeup Artist, Niamh Martin.  This 5 piece set comes in a snazzy little leather cylinder (you can pick which colour you want!) which clips together to hold your brushes.  I’m dying to try these bad boys out and will do a full review once I’ve given them a good testing but I can tell already that the quality of these natural hair brushes is really amazing.

Nima brush holder Nima eye brush set

Royal & Langnickel – Double Ended (8 piece) Travel Brush Set

I got this from Royal & Langnickel who are a UK based professional brush company.  I loved these dinky little sets and the quality of the brushes is so good since it’s all natural hair.  Plus they’re double ended which saves on time and space – brilliant!  I have to say Royal & Langnickel weren’t getting as much love at the Pro Beauty show as Crownbrush UK maybe it’s because they’re not as well known but they really are a fantastic brush brand.  I’ve found their brushes to be really longlasting and they just never shed or fall apart which is what you want at the end of the day!  These sets were only €10!!!

Most of the brushes I bought were between €4 and €10

R&N Mini Brush Set R&N Mini Brushes Open

Royal & Langnickel – (R)evolution Pointed crease brush

I picked up this pointed crease brush as I had heard how great this range of brushes was at the bloggers event I went to the night before so I just had to try it for myself.  Apparently, its made without the need for glue so you never have to worry about it shedding or the handle falling off when you wash it.  I’m looking forward to putting that to the test!

R&N Indescruct brush

Crownbrush UK brushes

I’m not too sure of the exact names of these but I got a double ended round synthetic foundation/concealer brush which will be super handy and I always prefer this type of foundation brush to a flat one.  I also got a small contour/blush brush and a duo fibre blending brush.  They all ranged in price from €4 – €12!

Crown Brushes


I picked up a blush palette from Fuschia Makeup for €15 as well as some loose pigments and glitters from the Stargazer stand which just looked like an explosion of colour and glitter, my kind of stand!  They were €10 per set of glitter or pigments.   And as if that wasn’t enough glitter, I also got an LA splash glitter set complete with glitter adhesive which is something I’d been on the look out for, for a while, so happy with that purchase!

Glitters & Blush


I’m a big fan of Pixy Cosmetics so I was thrilled that they had a stand there, they had some amazing stuff and I found it hard to choose!  Finally I settled on the Pineapple Shower Mousse, the Sensual Bath Oil (which smells amazing) and the Glowing Body Butter.  That lot only set me back less than €30 so not bad at all!  Looking forward to trying these out!

Pixy Natural Stuff

The day I was there they had a makeup competition on and there were some amazing entries so I didn’t envy the judges having to pick.  I didn’t stick around long enough to find out who won but my fave was this goldy looking guy below!  I can’t even imagine the amout of work that went into that, wow.

Girl doing special effect makeup Gold boy

If you wandered into the competion area, you’d have been forgiven for thinking there was a Zombie Apocolypse going on!!!  Again, amazing work from all involved.


I forced myself out the door after that before any more damage was done, but it was a really enjoyable day 🙂  Did you go?  If so, what lovely things did you pick up there?


10 thoughts on “Pro Beauty Show – All my Purchases!”

  1. The nima brushes look so nice. really want to try them out. especially after yesterday. The blush palette, I have the exact same one, that I bought from EBAY for less than 10€. Odd.. x

    1. Oh you should get the NIMA brushes Jesska they are really fab, better than some other professional ranges out there. Yeah those blush palettes are widely available on Ebay, what most makeup companies do is buy the same ones and stamp their logo on them so they are all identical!

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