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The Nima Mitt, Makeup Remover – Review

I was recently given this fab little mitt to try from Irish makeup brush company, NIMA Brush.  It’s basically a little pink mitt made with microfibre material that removes all of your makeup using only water!  That’s a pretty amazing claim, I think you’ll agree, so I was dying to see if it works!

Nima Mitt PackageI dipped the mitt into warm water and set about sweeping it all over my, fully made up face.  The makeup came off like a dream!  I tried removing my eye makeup too (which included mascara and gel liner) and it worked on that also!!  To say I’m gobsmacked by this, is a flippin’ understatement!!  Just, wow…. it really does work.

Nima Mitt 2

By the time I was finished, all my makeup had been removed quickly and easily with no fuss.

The mitt itself, is made from microfibres which are smaller than a human hair and are closely woven together to remove all dirt, grime and makeup from your face without the need to use any cleansers or makeup removers.  This makes for an extremely eco-friendly option as well as a gift for sensitive skin.  Also, If you have issues with using paraben laden makeup removers, this is a nice natural option that means you can get the same results of a makeup remover without any nasty chemicals.

Nima Mitt Close

Equally, if you are a bit of a lazy bones and often use makeup wipes to remove your makeup (which I am guilty of sometimes I have to admit!) just because they’re quick and easy, this is a perfect replacement for these and is much kinder to your skin.  The NIMA Mitt would also be fab for travellers or gym goers, saving a ton of space in your bag instead of carrying lots of bottles.

When you’re done taking your makeup off, you just wash it with Soap (NIMA recommend using a bar of soap rather than the liquid variety), rinse and hang by the little loop to dry ready for use again.  This will set you back only €12.95 and is available from the NIMA website

I still can’t believe that one little material cloth can actually take off heavy duty makeup with no other makeup removers to break down the dirt and grime!!  It has to be said though, that if you’ve got waterproof mascara on, it would be a bit of a struggle to remove, as with any makeup remover, so in that case you would need to use a small bit of oil based eye makeup remover.

What do you think of this?  Would it be something you would consider giving a try?


14 thoughts on “The Nima Mitt, Makeup Remover – Review”

  1. This is perfect for gym or weekend trips! Life saver! Maybe you can upload some pictures when you are removing your makeup just to see the difference? I still can’t believe it!

    1. Hi Rasa, yeah it’s amazing! I did consider doing that but I’m a bit reluctant to be seen with no makeup on! So that’s the only reason I didn’t. I might do a video demo on it if I get brave enough 🙂

  2. Would it not get absolutely filthy though? I know it says to rinse it off but I can imagine it being full of foundation and black marks with the amount of make up I wear! 🙂

    1. I wear loads of makeup too but no, once you give it a good scrub with the bar of soap, all the mankyness comes out of it, I wear black gel liner & mascara and mine is not stained at all. I think the Muslin cloths are the worst for that but this seems to be a lot better!

  3. How quickly does it dry and like someone else said would it be very dirty after a while? I suppose a run through he washing machine every few days would do the trick?

    1. It just dries overnight Deirdre. I hang mine off a windowstil directly above a radiator and it’s dry by morning. You can’t put it in the washing machine as the detergents and mechanical process of the machine breaks up the fibres of the mitt and it’s not as effective then apparently. Washing it with soap is fine though and it doesn’t leave it smelling horrible either

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