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Are women “misleading” others by wearing Makeup?


So, you might have seen this picture which was initially posted on Reddit by makeup artist Melissa Murphy.  She posted it to show what makeup can do and specifically, the difference it can make to the average woman.  There are two photos, a before and after, of the unknown woman side by side.  The left side shows the woman as nature intended with no makeup on and the right side shows her done up in full makeup, looking, (it has to be said) like a totally different person!  The difference is obviously striking but then that IS the power of makeup.

Every trick in the makeup book is obviously used by the talented makeup artist to create this gorgeous look, she’s got contouring and highlighting going on, her eyes are made to appear bigger and her skin looks flawless with no trace of the spots and freckles shown in the “before” pic.

This caused uproar from commenters who claimed she was somehow “betraying” others by using makeup to enhance her natural looks.  One commenter wrote “I think it is deceitful, men go for looks, and for most looks are an important aspect of your potential partner”.  Another claimed that she must be very insecure about her looks to make herself look so artificial so that people would find her attractive!

I’m sorry, but what a load of nonsense!  Women have been enhancing their looks with makeup since the year dot, it’s not like this is a big secret!  Lucky for us, these days, we have so much more choice in the way of cosmetics and information on how to apply those cosmetics than we ever did so damn right we’re going to make the most of that!

I think some men might be slightly confused as to why women wear makeup in the first place.  They clearly think that this girl has somehow “tricked” them into believing she has all these lovely features when it’s all just an illusion.  The ones that commented on her photo assume that she is doing this to bag herself a man.  Well Newsflash people:  Women wear makeup….. FOR THEMSELVES!  Yes, imagine that, wanting to look & feel good and put your best face forward same way you’d want to wear clothes that flatter you or get your hair done so you look nice!  Honestly though, I can’t actually believe that some people might think it deceitful that a woman would wear makeup.

Now granted, all the stops were pulled out here but she looks great so why the hell not?!  I doubt that’s something she would (or could!) do herself every day but even if she did, if it makes her feel good, just why not?!  Some poor Celebs are often lambasted in the press for the same reason –  because they look like regular people with no makeup on.  Wow, shock horror!  You might have seen this pic of Mila Kunis:


She got so much stick for that, men gasped and moaned cos she dared to venture out looking far from Red Carpet ready.  So what, I’m sure Ashton Kutcher doesn’t care and looks equally as rough in the morning!  Do men (or women for that matter) really think that she hops out of bed in the morning looking like her pic on the right?!  It annoys me to think that they might actually!

Everyone has days where they look rough and whether it’s a celebrity a teenager or a mother of 2, there’s going to be days where you just don’t feel like making the effort for whatever reason and that’s not a crime.  On the other hand if you want to feel good about yourself and go and get a blow-dry and make a special effort with your makeup or hire a makeup artist to do it for you for a night out well, that’s a woman’s prerogative, plain and simple!   Makeup is just another weapon in our arsenal of lovely things that make us feel good about ourselves. We are not deceiving anyone we are just trying to look our absolute best.  FOR OURSELVES!

Personally speaking, I wear makeup to feel good about myself.  It’s not that I feel terrible, I’m quite confident with how I look but I know if I have a zit or something I want to be less conscious of, I use makeup to cover it, it’s there for that purpose so why wouldn’t I?  Because I was professionally trained in all the techniques in makeup, I do a lot of them on myself every day before I go to work.  I want to look well and feel good about myself so that’s why I wear makeup, and the makeup I wear is natural looking and not scary so why not.  My husband has seen my makeup free face and he still loves me so he’s under no illusions there 🙂

I think men (or people) need to get real, makeup does transform Women and makes them look and feel good, that takes effort and even the most beautiful woman in the world, Beyonce, looks (and I’m sure, feels) amazing with her full slap on.  And with that, I’ll get off my soapbox 🙂

Equally though, it has to be said that a lot of women choose to wear no makeup and thats the flipside of the argument, if you feel confident without it, that’s great and you shouldn’t be given stick for that either!  What I’m asking about here though is for those of you that do wear makeup, what are your reasons for wearing it and do you feel “deceitful” for doing so?

I’d love to know what you think of the whole thing, so comment here or on Facebook and let me know!


12 thoughts on “Are women “misleading” others by wearing Makeup?”

  1. Thank you so much for posting this. Sometimes I get self conscious about the makeup I wear because I’ve had people tell me that I wear too much, or that I shouldn’t be so insecure and vain. I wear makeup for the same reason you do, and I honestly have a lot of fun putting it on in the morning. I don’t feel that it’s a necessary step, but I just like the process of putting on blush and eyeshadow and whatnot. I can’t stand when people make ignorant remarks about women wearing makeup because they think they’re ugly or because they want to impress a man. I think a woman has the right to wear or not wear makeup if she wants and there is no reason she should ever have to justify herself. Thanks again for the encouraging post 🙂

    1. Aw you’re welcome Paige and you’re so right you should never have to justify yourself! I’m the same as you, I have a whole little routine in the morning with my mirror and a little table that I lay all my makeup out on and I love trying different colours etc, it’s just my thing so I do it to make me happy as I said in my post, why not? 🙂 It annoys me when people say you wear too much makeup or you don’t need makeup, maybe that’s true but I’m not trying to impress anyone else so I don’t care what anyone thinks 🙂 xxx

  2. Very interesting topic, I agree with you on everything. I don’t think I’m cheating by wearing make up as I neither think I’m misleading men by using nice clothes that make me more atractive. If we go 100% au naturel, we should start by no waxing, no brushing, no behaving differently outside (compared to home manners..,) and so on.

  3. I think that whole argument is ridiculous! She’s obviously a really talented makeup artist and has done an amazing job! Most regular women don’t have the skills or inclination to change their have to such a degree and wear makeup to enhance their natural features and make then feel good about themselves! Men can be so judgmental and paranoid!!! Great post ^_^

  4. As long as woman feels comfortable with it and wears the makeup for herself in first place, that’s absolutely okay and none of anyone’s business. If she just wants to express herself and her creativity (whether it’s a colourful or nude makeup) and feels good about, why not?
    And YES, it bothers me so much when people think that women ONLY wear makeup to attract guys,.
    I think the question should be: are we misleading ourselves? But that is something each woman has to answer herself.

    Why I wear makeup? I love to (as you put) look my best or enhance my better features. Around this time of the year I mostly wear dark clothes, so I like to experiment with different colours. Even though I’m not a MUA, I just love the whole process of applying my makeup 🙂
    It just makes me feel good. At the same time I’m cool with the way I look without makeup and sometimes I don’t wear any 🙂

    (Besides, if a guy only loves your looks (and the way you look with makeup on), he’s not the right one anyway)

    Just my two cents 🙂

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