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Madison Makeup – Contour Palette

Recently, I got to try this amazing cream contour palette from soon-to-be-launched makeup brand Madison Makeup. Creator of Madison Makeup Paul, who also owns The Cosmetic Outlet is VERY excited to share his new line with everyone.  He is set to launch his new Madison Brushes and then the full makeup line will follow, including this amazing contour palette, just in time for Christmas!

Madison Cream Contour Palette
Madison Cream Contour Palette

This palette helps you achieve that chiselled Kim Kardashian Contour which has the amazing effect of making your face appear slimmer and more defined.

The Kim K Contour
The Kim K Contour

I put it to the test to see just how easy it was to achieve this look.  I didn’t wear any other makeup just so you could see the full effect! Brave for me!


I contoured in the areas specified in the Kim K picture, using a regular foundation brush.  I then used a makeup sponge to blend all in together seamlessly and it gave a beautiful contoured effect and made my face appear MUCH slimmer than it actually is so I was delighted with that!

The cream itself is really easy to work with, very blendable and not too greasy.  Once I had applied and blended, I just powdered over to set the makeup in place and Voila!  Perfect Kim K Contouring!

There are 10 shades so if you’re a professional makeup artist, this is a must-have.   But even if you’re a novice with makeup, you can’t go wrong with this palette and there is definitely a perfect colour match for you here, even if you want to use it as a foundation.

You can order the Madison Makeup Contour Palette from The Cosmetic Outlet, priced at a very reasonable €19.99.

Keep your eyes peeled on here for full details of the Madison Makeup range launching soon!


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