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Stargazer Eye Dust Pigments &Purple Eyes Tutorial

I recently tried out some Eye Dust pigments from Stargazer which I got from the Pro makeup show (a tenner for 3 – bargain!).   You can also buy these online for only £4 each from the Stargazer UK site.  They have amazing colours all with a bit of irridescence to them and they are so well pigmented for the price.  Considering you’d pay up to €20 for a MAC pigment, these are a steal and they come in 48 different colours!

The two I used here were #29 for the lid colour (below)

Purple Pigment

and #14 for the inner corner & brow-bone (below)

Light Pigment

You can see how the flash picks up the lovely irridescent flecks, they really are gorgeous.

And here is the completed look

Stargazer Pigments Look

I just added eyeliner & mascara along with a nice pink blush by MAC, called Dainty and a Pink Lipgloss – Juicy Tubes by Lancome – and I was done!


7 thoughts on “Stargazer Eye Dust Pigments &Purple Eyes Tutorial”

    1. Thanks 🙂 I use Bourjois Healthy Mix and powder MAC’s blot powder, then I contour with MAC Mineralise skin finish in Deep Dark 🙂 That camera is very good if I use it in a certain light though I have to admit!

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