New Years Eve Makeup Using Naked 3 Palette with a bit of Pink Glitter

You should all know by now how much I love my glitter so when Christmas/New Year comes around it’s a great excuse to get sparkly!  I got the Naked 3 palette and one of the MAC Pigment sets for Christmas this year so I decided use them in a look which would be perfect for New Years Eve.  If you don’t fancy using the glitter or don’t have it you can leave it out and it’ll still look perfect.

I have to say that I really like the Naked 3 Palette, I have the original Naked 1 but  I love that this new one is completely different and I’m in love with the pinky toned colours.

Here’s what I used:



Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation

Collection Concealer

MAC Dainty Blush

The Body Shop Shimmer Waves highlighter


Rimmel Eastend Snob Lipliner

MAC Dazzleglass Lipgloss



Naked Palette

  • From the Naked 3 Palette, I took the  colour “Darkside” and with a flat shader brush, I pressed it into the outer and inner corner of my eyes leaving the middle section free of any colour.
  • I used a MAC 217 blending brush with a tiny bit of  “Limit” on it, and swept it in the crease to blend the darker colours together in the crease only.
  • I intensified the darker colours in the inner and outer corner even more with “Blackheart”
  • I then took the colour “Buzz” on a MAC 239 shader brush and pressed it into the middle of my lid where there was no colour.  I also added a bit of “Dust” on top for some shimmer.
  • I ran a small bit of “Blackheart” on my lower lashline also
  • Finally, I lined my eyes with my trusty Maybelline Gel Liner (I put it in my waterline also) and lashed on a coat of my Lancome Doll Eyes Mascara

Now as I said, you can totally leave it there but if you’re feeling a bit adventurous then read on….!


I popped on a bit of  LA Splash glitter glue on the centre of my lid and using my MAC 239 brush I pressed on a Pink glitter from the MAC Nocturnals Pigments.  It’s the 3’rd one down in the pic above.  I only applied the glitter to the centre of my lid, on top of the lightest shadow, leaving the dark parts free of glitter.

And that’s it, simple!

I’d highly recommend the Naked 3 palette and I will do more tutorials using it and same for the MAC pigments.  These are fab, I always try to get them when they come out at Christmas and I really love these colours because they are all completely wearable.

I will try to add up another tutorial tomorrow so keep an eye out.  Have a very Happy New Year guys and thanks for reading my blog and giving me feedback both here and on Facebook & Twitter XX

Will you try this look out?  Let me know below 🙂

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Cocoa Brown Tan’s First Birthday!

Myself and the lovely Chloe from Nursefancypants blog, and my cool Cocoa Brown Manicure :-)
Myself and the lovely Chloe from Nursefancypants blog, and my cool Cocoa Brown Manicure 🙂

Last week, I was invited, along with some other beauty bloggers, to the Cocoa Brown Tan First Birthday Celebrations held by Cocoa Brown creator Marissa Carter in the stunning Residence Members Club in St. Stephen’s Green.  There were also some well known faces in attendance such as Rosanna Davidson, Siobhan O’Connor and Amanda Brunker to name but a few.

The stunning Rosanna Davidson
The stunning Rosanna Davidson

There was a fab nail station from iNailz where we all had Cocoa Brown Manicures while we sipped on pink cocktails and munched on the absolutely amazing cakepops from Cakefield Avenue  There was also a gorgeously girly candy station from Sugar & Spice



Marissa, who has just won the IMAGE Magazine Start-Up of The Year 2013 Award, looked stunning on the night and she gave a little speech to thank everyone for their support and said that she was delighted with the success of Cocoa Brown and had big plans for 2014 including heading to Hollywood to be the offical tan of The Oscars, how amazing is that?!  And all that success in the space of a year which is pretty astounding and very admirable it has to be said.

Cocoa Brown Creator, Marissa Carter
Cocoa Brown Creator, Marissa Carter

Selling at all the major retailers including Boots, Tesco, Superdrug and now even on Aer Lingus flights, Cocoa Brown has been the Irish success story of the year.  Everyone and their mother has heard of Cocoa Brown Tan now at this stage and if you haven’t tried it yet you really should, it’s fantastic and so reasonable at just €7 a bottle!  Adding to the Cocoa Brown family of products has been the new Tough Stuff scrub which now comes in a handy tube and takes every last bit of your false tan off, I did a review here.  As well as Chocolate Whip oil free body moisturiser which moisturises while prolonging your tan.  You can also get a little gift pack just in time for Christmas which includes the 1hr Tan, Tough Stuff and Chocolate Whip.

Amazing Chocolate Biscuit cake from Cakefield Avenue
Amazing Chocolate Biscuit cake from Cakefield Avenue

We all got a little 100ml travel sized bottle of Cocoa Brown Tan which is the only tanning product being sold on all Aer Lingus flights, so no excuses for pasty skin on your hols!

image009In all, it was a great night and it was so nice to be invited to celebrate with Cocoa Brown tan and I can’t wait to see what 2014 brings for this amazing tanning brand 🙂

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My 3 Day Juice Detox Experience


I recently decided to do a Juice Detox and came across a company on Twitter that does it – Juices by Ginger,  so I  signed up for it straight away.

I had a few reasons for wanting to do it:

  • I felt really sluggish and tired and had major sweet cravings all the time which led to me eating crap so I wanted to get rid of those.
  • I wanted a fresh start with a healthy eating plan that I could stick to, I figured if I could survive a 3 day juice, any healthy eating plan after that would seem like a piece of cake (not literally!)
  • I wanted to eliminate dairy and white carbs and sugar from my diet without it seeming too hard.
  • I just wanted a good clear out and to give my overloaded digestive system a break 🙂
  • In the run up to Christmas with all the eating and drinking going on, I wanted to give myself a little head-start so I wouldn’t be tempted to eat rings around me and pile on the pounds (I did that one year and managed to put on a stone! Never again)

Now, I have heard that you lose a few pounds when doing a Juice detox and obviously that is a big plus for me but I find it hard to believe that you wouldn’t put a bit of that back on once you start eating again so I just thought I’d take that with a pinch of salt and use it as a kickstart into a healthy eating plan instead.

The complete 3 day detox pack cost €70 for the 3 day detox and I got 4 jars of juice for each day, it works like this:


My juice was delivered the night before I planned to start and I was warned by the delivery guy to drink lots of water!

My juices, ready to go!
My juices, ready to go!

Juice Detox Day 1

Breakfast  – 8:30am

I opened my green jar and gave it a good sniff first to see what I was letting myself in for!  It smelled ok so I popped my straw in and off I went.  It wasn’t bad at all I have to say, the over-riding taste was celery and ginger so it tasted really fresh and zingy.   I was relieved that I could finish it!  In my hurry to get it into me, I had forgotten to have a cup of hot water with lemon beforehand as advised on the leaflet, it aids the detox apparently.

Breakfast time!
Breakfast time!

I didn’t feel hungry at all afterwards but by around 12 my stomach started grumbling, so I had one of the lemon and ginger herbal teas that came with the pack and that took the edge off my hunger a bit.  By the time my lunchbreak came, I didn’t know what to do with myself!  I would often go to my local shopping centre on my lunchbreak and have something to eat in one of the cafes or get a nice lunch in M&S to bring back to work with me but I obviously couldn’t do that now.  I actually buy my lunch at work quite a lot so I was glad to be breaking that habit.  Still, everywhere I went there was food (and especially chocolate, typical!) but I stayed strong and thought of my lovely red lunchtime juice back at the office. 🙂

Lunch – 2pm

I struggled with my red juice it had to be said.  Although there was lots of goodness in it, it didn’t go down for me quite as well as the green one so I just sipped at it til I finally managed to drink it all up.  It wasn’t awful now, but it just wasn’t to my taste.  Luckily I had bought extra herbal teas so I just had a nice fruity one afterwards and that helped a bit.  All I could think about was food though!  It goes to show you what a big part of your life it is physically, socially and mentally.

The dreaded red juice!
The dreaded red juice!

Dinner – 5:30

I had my second green juice for dinner and I sipped it slowly, again, it was grand.  I followed that with another herbal tea which, by now, was a real treat and seemed like I was having something really bold!  I had a busy evening so that kept my mind off food.

Treat Juice – 8pm

By this time I was seriously flagging and felt really tired, so I had one of my treat juices and it went down really well I must say.  It was also full of goodness but just a bit easier to take than the others.

I went to bed early, partly because I was wrecked and partly to stop me thinking about food!

Juice Detox day 2

I had a really good sleep and woke up feeling as fresh as a daisy, not a bit hungry and ready for day 2!  The juices and times were the very same as day 1 but this morning I remembered to have my hot water and lemon which, I can confirm, definitely aids the detoxing process!

Again, I wasn’t sure what to do with myself at lunchtime so I decided to go for a walk and I felt great afterwards 🙂

I sipped my herbal teas throughout the day and they really helped take the edge off the hunger and gave me something to look forward to.

I was surprised at the fact that I barely felt hungry during the day and if I did I just drank more water or herbal tea. This was my best day by far.

I decided to go to my TRX Bootcamp and that was a killer, well it always is in fairness but it was extra hard cos I had barely any fuel in the tank.  When I got home I was exhausted and extremely hungry so I had my green juice for dinner & the rest of my treat juice and went to bed early.  In hindsight, I probably should have skipped the heavy exercise.

Juice Detox Day 3

I woke up after another good sleep but was really hungry so I had my hot water & lemon and my breakfast juice.  This was definitely my hardest day, I was really starting to struggle now but the thoughts of it only being for one more day kept me going, and in fairness, I couldn’t believe I’d managed to stick to it so rigidly.

Lunch was torturous again, I didn’t take to that red juice at all it was very hard to get it down, made even harder by the fact that my work colleagues were going to the pub for for Christmas lunch so I decided to work through my lunch to take my mind off it, that was unbelievably hard! 😦

On the plus side, I was feeling lighter and brighter although my digestive system was really purging itself today (sorry, you’re getting the bad with the good here!).  I had decided not to weigh myself until the 4th morning so I wasn’t sure how much I’d lost but I was definitely feeling like I had dropped a few pounds.

By the time the evening came I hated the juices and just wanted to be finished!  I decided to do something positive and look up clean eating ideas/recipes on Youtube to give me a plan for the rest of the week.  God knows why I thought that was a good idea, but I was only torturing myself and feeling miserable so I had another early night.

Day 4 – Results!

I got to eat actual food this morning and I can’t tell you how happy that made me!  I got up at 6:30 I was so excited (unheard of for me!).  And I knocked myself out with a fruit salad with some linseed sprinkled on top and my hot water with lemon – I think I’ll keep that going actually it’s a good habit to start your day.  I then weighed myself – 8lbs gone!  I couldn’t believe it, that was a great result, but as I said I’m a bit sceptical as to whether it’ll stay off once I start eating, even if it is healthy eating, but it’ll still be a good few pounds gone so I’m happy with that.  I also measured my stomach/waist and it was down 6 inches!  So all the bloating – gone!

This has really spurred me on to keep it going and I’m looking forward to keeping this good healthy feeling and needless to say, after going through all that, I’m not likely to be reaching for the take away menu or the chocolate any time soon.  Of course, I’m going to indulge over the Christmas but I’ll pick the days and not overdo it, then just get back on with my healthy eating the next day so there’s a good bit of damage limitation.

How I felt doing it:

I felt really alert and awake for the whole time I was doing it apart from the evenings when I got really tired.  I did notice my skin was glowing and my eyes looked brighter.  I got a great sleep every night and woke up bright eyed an bushy tailed.  I didn’t get any headaches at all either so that was good, but then I’m not a tea or coffee drinker so, no caffeine withdrawals.  I did have to visit the loo a good bit though (just a warning!)  My sweet cravings are also completely gone which was what I wanted so delighted with that.

Despite my giving out, the juices were ok and it was managable for the 3 days.  I don’t think I’d have managed anymore though!

Would I recommend it?

Yes, definitely! 🙂 But only f you’re looking to kickstart a healthy diet. If you’re looking for a quick fix, or are planning a big takeaway afterwards don’t bother, you’ll only be wasting your time and money.  If you start eating processed crap or drinking alcohol after doing this, you’ll only be back to square one and you’re body won’t thank you for it either.  For the next few days, I’m just going to ease myself into eating solids again by starting with fruit & veg and then I’ll add more lean meat and brown rice etc. over the weekend.

My first day eating
My first day eating


  • If choose to get your juices delivered by a company, everything is planned for you, you don’t have to think or organise, you just pack up your jars for the day and off you go.
  • You will give your whole system a good cleanse and a rest which you really see the benefit of.
  • You do lose weight, but as I said if you eat crap afterwards you will just put this back on and most of it is probably only water anyway.
  • You appetite decreases and you’re more full and easily satisfied
  • After forking out €70 and not eating for 3 days you’re less likely to want to ruin it by going back to your old ways.
  • A herbal tea seems like the best treat ever! (who needs chocolate anyway?!)
  • It gets rid of your sugar cravings
  • Your health will only benefit from it


  • It’s quite expensive, if you have the time & money you might be better buying your own juicer and doing it yourself but I thought it was worth it for the convenience.
  • It can really irritate your digestive system, especially if you suffer with IBS as I do.  That’s all I’ll say on that…. be warned!
  • You crave food and are quite hungry if you don’t constantly drink water or herbal teas.
  • You really miss chewing and you have to keep brushing your teeth or they feel a bit weird and furry!
  • You don’t have any nice food to look forward to and you have to avoid everyone eating and turn down any social events or switch channels when ads for food come on! (that wasn’t easy for me, especially at this time of year!)
  • You can’t exercise as effectively as you would if you’ve been eating food.
  • It might seem hard to do if you have small kids or cook the family meals so in that case just cook a few big meals in advance and freeze them before you start so you are not tempted to pick while cooking for family.

This is not a fad diet and you really can’t look at it like that.  It’s not the answer to your weightloss problems but it’s a damn good place to start with healthy eating and I’ll probably do it again in January 🙂

You can get the same juices I did at Juices by Ginger (she’s on Facebook and Twitter) and the 3 day option costs €70

Will you be giving this a try??!  Or have you done it before?  Let me know below 🙂

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First Look at Clarins Opalescence Spring Makeup Collection 2014

Yes, I know we are currently in the depths of winter and Christmas is only round the corner, but today we’re taking a sneeky glimpse into Clarins’ beautiful makeup collection for Spring 2014.

Opalescence is all about a luminous complexion with light pastel and plum colours on the eyes topped off with juicy, glossy lips in pinks and corals and a flush of glowing youthful colour on the cheeks.

Clarins Makeup Artist Siobhan working on the beautiful Pippa Ormond (left) and the Opalescence Collection (right)
Clarins Makeup Artist Siobhan working on the beautiful Pippa Ormond (left) and the Opalescence Collection (right)

In the luxurious surroundings of  The Penthouse Suite in The Morgan Hotel, Dublin, Clarins head makeup artist Siobhan O’Mahony demonstrated the beautiful Opalescence Makeup Collection on Irish model Pippa Ormond.  Siobhan explained that this collection was all about women being their own makeup artist.  Mostly using just her fingers, she created a stunningly fresh look on Pippa which made her look radiant (well moreso than she normally does!).

All Makeup 2

The collection itself consists of 3 Instant Light Radiance Boosting Complexion Bases ( 01 Rose, 02 Champagne, 03 Peach – €30) which bring light and luminosity to the complexion as well as correcting skin redness and dullness and providing a base for foundation.

There are 4 Multi blushes in this collection (01 Peach, 02 Candy, 03 Grenadine, 04 Rosewood – €22) which are cream to powder products that can be used as a blush as well as a lip colour.  These are really beautiful and have the most unusual texture.  They don’t slip about once applied and can be used over cream or powder bases.  Used as a blush, they create the most stunning lit-from-within glow which can be sheer or buildable depending on what finish you want.  I REALLY love these 🙂

For lips, Clarins have 3 beautiful colours (19 Tropical Pink, 20 Coral Tulip, 21 Pink Orchid – €21) in their Joli Rouge Brilliant Perfect Shine sheer lipstick range. These lipsticks give a sheer slick of glossy colour and are perfect for spring/summer, I actually wore this lipstick on my wedding day, it looks and feels really gorgeous on.

They also have 2 Gloss Prodige Intense Shine and Colour lipglosses in the line, (11 Coral Tulip & 12 Crystal – €18.50) which are full of shine and sparkle and make your lips look juicy!

Eyeshadow Palette & Swatches Collage

Then there’s my favourite of the collection, the Eye Quartet Mineral Palette in 12 Vibrant Light (€41, above) This stunning palette consists of a beautiful light pink, an irridescent purple, a smoky grey and a shimmery silver which all compliment each other perfectly.  This would create a beautiful soft smoky eye and I will definitely be using this on my spring brides. as it’s just perfect for that.

There is also a mineral eyeshadow mono in 17 smoky plum (€19) which is exactly as it’s description, and can be swept all over the lid for a smoky look.

Makeup 2

Lastly, the Opalescence Face and Blush Powder (€37) combines a face powder, blush and bronzer in one.  Lightly dusted over the complexion, it gives a glowing radiance while controlling shine and contouring.

Overall I am loving this collection.  It is the essence of spring with it’s radiant bases,soft romantic eye colours and glossy lips and would be absolutely perfect for brides.  All products are easily applied with fingers and give a great effect.  I also love the high shine gold packaging which add to the luxe feel of the products.  Clarins is normally associated with older women, your mother most likely has one of their palettes or a lipstick floating around in her makeup bag but I have to say my mind has been changed on this.  There really is something for everyone in this collection!

The Clarins Opalescence Collection is available from 20th January 2014 at Clarins counters nationwide.

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Kandigloss BEAUTY & BRUSHES Christmas Gift Guide

Here are some of my top picks that any beauty lover would be delighted to find under the tree on Chrismas morning 🙂

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Set – €33.50 – larger Boots stores or Liz Earle website 

Liz EarleI’m totally in love with the Liz Earle cleanse and polish line of skin cleansers with their muslin cloths and this set comes with a full size Cleanser, 2 muslin cloths and a mini spray toner.

Boots No7 Restore & Renew Collection Set – €70, Boots Stores or Boots Online

No7 Restore & Renew Collection

These sets contain some brilliant skincare and it’s almost half the price of what it would be if you were to buy all these products individually so you’re making a good saving.  Great for any skincare lover.

Bia Beauty Feed your Face Gift Set €50 Avoca Stores or at the Bia Beauty Website

Bia Beauty Natural SkincareThis is from Irish brand Bia Beauty who are based in Cork and make the most beautiful natural skincare gift sets.  I have been trying out the cleanser and moisturiser in this set.  The Mellow Mandarin Moisturiser is so nourishing  and especially good for dry skin or as a good night cream.  The Orange and Grapefruit Facial Exfoliant and Cleanser is a real treat for the skin and exfoliates so gently you can use this every day.  The big draw for me is that both come in a 60ml sized jar which is double what you’d get in most face creams so they last for ages.  I also love the Lime Pie Lip Balm and all the products smell exactly as they are described so they are just gorgeous.  I am definitely a fan 🙂 Check out their other gift sets here

Clarisonic Mia2 Cleansing System – €140 Brown Thomas www.brownthomas.com

ClarisonicThe Clarisonic Mia2 is a facial cleansing device which uses patented sonic technology to gently remove the impurities traditional cleaning methods leave behind, cleansing six times better than your hands alone. And best of all it works in only 60 seconds to remove impurities from pores so that creams, serums, and moisturisers are more effective. And with regular daily use you’ll notice a reduction in dry patches, oily areas, and blemishes.  A must have for anyone with problem skin, male or female.

Pixy Indulge Gift Set Box €20 www.pixy.ie


Another Irish brand and firm favourite of mine is Pixy Natural Skincare and beauty products.  They have some fab gift sets for Christmas and all under €20 which is just fantastic, so if you know of any beauty lovers I’m sure they would really appreciate these.  I recently got to try the Indulge Gift Set (pictured above) and it was certainly a luxurious experience!  It comes with one of their beautiful handmade honysuckle soaps, moisturising Lavender bath bomb, some skin-softening Lime Body Scrub Cubes – ideal for exfoliating and brilliant for removing fake tan, and relaxing Lavender Bath Salts – to ease your aching body and wind down at the end of the day!  I tried all the products out and was so relaxed afterwards and I had the nicest sleep I’d had in a long time.  They have gift sets to suit everyone and some stocking fillers so check them out here

Nima Brush Elite Travel Gift Set €45 www.nimabrush.com

971576_514196048678355_691766288_nStaying with the Irish companies (as we really should be supporting our own this Christmas!) This is the limited edition Elite Travel Set from Nima Brush.  I’ve reviewed these brushes before here and they really are fab and very reasonable for the price.  Whether you’re someone only starting out in makeup or a complete pro, you would do well to have these in your kit so they’d make a great Christmas present for any lucky lady, young or old.

Madison Brushes, The Cosmetic Outlet €29.99 The Cosmetic Outlet Meath Street


This 7 piece brush set (again from an Irish company Madison Makeup!) have just been launched and will be sure to fly off the shelves for Christmas.  You can get these excusively at The Cosmetic Outlet Dublin but if you can’t reach there you can order over the phone.  Get them quick before they’re all gone!

Ted Baker Nail Polish Set €15

Ted Baker Nail Polish

I always love the nail gift sets that Ted Baker bring out at Christmas and this is no exception.  A great stocking filler!

Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume set €60 Boots stores or www.boots.ie


Lastly, no Christmas gift guide would be complete without a perfume set and this Marc Jacobs one is defo on my list this year!  You get the body wash and lotion free with this one so it’s great value.  I love the smell of this, it’s perfect for day or night and you can really layer the fragrance.

So that’s it, some inspiration for if you’re doing any Christmas shopping this week.  Be sure to check out my makeup gift guide as well here.

What do you think, are you lusting after any of these?  Let me know below 🙂

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Kandigloss MAKEUP Christmas Gift Guide

This week I’ll be doing posts showing you my favourite Makeup, Beauty and Brush Sets for Christmas which I’ll do in separate posts, so plenty of inspiration for when you go shopping 🙂

I love when makeup brands bring out their latest Christmas collections, there really can be some great savings to be made (that’s how you can justify them as a little pressie to yourself! 😉 ).  Or if you’re feeling generous and looking for a fab gift for a makeup lover in your life whether it’s a Mother, sister, friend or girlfriend, you really can’t go wrong with these Christmas sets from some of the big cosmetic brands:

Stila Colour Me Pretty Lip & Cheek Palette €25 – Harvey Nichols Dundrum


This is a such a useful multipurpose palette! It contains 5 of Stila’s fabulous Convertible Colours which can be used as a cream blush as well as a lipstick.  This palette includes the well known & loved Kitten which makes an amazing highlighter.  I love the fact that these can be used on the lips and cheeks and for that reason it’s a very versatile palette that you’ll get a lot of use out of and it’s so compact you can carry it with you for touch ups.

Smashbox Wonder Vision Lipgloss Set €25 – selected Boots stores

Smashbox Wondervision Lipgloss Set

This gorgeous set comes with 5 lipglosses in flattering colours that will suit any makeup look.  I love Smashbox lipglosses, they last really well so you can’t go wrong with this set.

Urban Decay Vice Palette €48 – House of Fraser Dundrum


This has every colour you could possibly need, and some really out there colours that you might not normally try so it’s a great palette for stepping out of your comfort zone and doing a bit of experimenting.  Great for teens or budding makeup artists. 🙂

Bare Minerals Ready to Go Perfection Complexion Palette €45 – BT2


This ingenious little palette has a Bare Minerals Foundation Powder, Mineral Veil, Bronzer, Highlighter and Concealer as well as a little double ended brush to apply all.  It comes in a little zip up compact case that you can easily carry round with you.  Perfect for keeping at your desk at work to top up during the day or do a few little adjustments if you’re going out.  If you’ve never tried Bare Minerals this is a great little starter kit.  The brush in this set is really good quality too.

MAC Nocturnal Holiday Sets – from €35 Brown Thomas, Grafton St. & Dundrum & MAC Henry St.


holiday2013_macnocturnals Gloss

These are so gorgeous!  They are on my wishlist every single year and as a makeup artist I always try to stock up as these are great to have in your kit for Christmas looks and they often have colours that are limited edition and not available normally.  You just can’t go wrong with these, there are also eyeshadow palettes and brush sets as well as mixed makeup sets so something for everyone, novice or pro.  The above are my faves.  Be quick though, as these sell out fast!

Bobbi Brown Twilight Pink Lip & Eye Palette – €67.50 House of Fraser Dundrum & Brown Thomas Grafton St


How stunning is this palette?! It comes with 10 eyeshadows and 4 lipsticks which are flattering to all colourings and ages.  It also has two little mini brushes that are good for applying on the go.  This is the kind of pressie that your mother would love. 🙂

Benefit Groovy Kinda Love Set €39.50

Benefit Groovy Kinda Love

This fab little set contains some of Benefits best selling makeup including The Pore-fessional Primer, Benetint, “They’re Real” Mascara as well as 4 eyeshadows and a blush/highlighter so everything you need to look amazing basically!  They have loads of little sets to choose from and they are all equally as gorgeous.

And that’s your lot for Makeup!  Hope it’s given you a few ideas.  Next is fab Beauty Sets so make sure you pop back to check that out 🙂