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Best of Beauty – Bloggers!


So we’re at the end of this series of “Best of Beauty” type posts and to finish things off, I’ll be revealing my favourite beauty bloggers of which I have a few that I go back to read every time for their honest product reviews as well as their witty writing style.  So here they are, click on the links below, you might like them too!

All The Buzz

Nurse Fancy Pants

The High Life of Mars

Lovely Girlie Bits

Fluff & Fripperies


The Beautiful Truth

Karla Powell Makeup Artist

Not Just Inside

So that’s it!  Be sure to check  them out, as they are all fantastic. Also don’t forget to search the hashtag #BOBBlogChallenge

Who are your faves?


Best of Beauty Blog Challenge Week 7 – Beauty Treatment


I love a good beauty treatment and for me, my indulgent treat has to be a facial, and more specifically a facial using Yonka products 🙂


I’ve been getting these facials done since I was in my 20’s and I really think they make a huge difference to my skin.  I also got a course of 5 before I got married.  I always get the “Le Grande Classique” facial which is a deep cleansing & nourishing facial that leaves your skin clean and radiant looking.  They also steam your skin and do an extraction (removal of blackheads) so my skin always feels brand new afterwards!  I have never got any other type of facial, as this is just what works for me.


I have mine done in my local salon and it’s such a relaxing treatment that I always look forward to it.  The products are made with natural botanicals and the smells are just amazing so you feel like your having an aromatherapy facial and it really relaxes you.  I always buy my favourite exfoliator (Gommage 303) which helps to make the effects of the facial last that little bit longer.

Last year I went with my friends to The Rainforest Spa in Wicklow and had a Yonka facial which was just amazing due to the beautiful surroundings, you can read all about that here.

I’d love to know what your favourite beauty treatment is so let me know below and if you want to find more, just search the hashtag #BOBBlogChallenge on Facebook & Twitter. Also check out Sam’s blog at All The Buzz

See you next week for more Best of Beauty 🙂 xx


Advanced Anti-Ageing Facial at Suite 7, Dublin

Recently, I had the pleasure of being invited to try a new Anti-Ageing facial from Suite 7 which is a new Cosmetic Clinic in Herbert Avenue Dublin 4 (right beside St. Vincent’s Private Hospital).  Specialising in non-surgical cosmetic procedures such as Glygolic Peels, Botox, Dermal Fillers and Laser Hair Removal, Suite 7 seems to have everything needed to refresh your complexion and have you looking amazing.

Suite 7
Suite 7

I tried the The Dermaceutic Milk Peel which apparently is “ideal for early signs of sun damage, age spots, dilated pores, unbalanced texture, dryness and fine lines. This Glycolic Peel is also highly recommended for oily skin or acne-prone skin. The Dermaceutic Milk Peel has also been used for reduction of wrinkles, dull complexion, stimulation of the epidermal, oil regulation, spot treatment and an overall smoother effect for softer skin which will give your skin and your face a more youthful appearance”.

I met with Clinic Director Mary-Kay Sheehy and she talked me though the various treatments that were offered there (more on that later).  She led me into a small room and I hopped up on the treatment table while she applied a special foaming cleaner to my skin.  This cleanser had some glycolic ingredients which helped to remove dead skin cells and thouroughly cleanse skin before the application of the mask.


Once that was done, she applied the peel with a small fan brush directly to my face and told me that it may sting and my skin might feel hot, but that was all perfectly normal.  It certainly did tingle and I could really feel it working on my skin but Mary-Kay fanned my face to ease the discomfort and it was literally only on my skin for a few seconds before she removed it with wet sponges, so it really wasn’t too bad at all.  Mary-Kay explained that this peel removes a couple of layers of your surface skin cells revealing bright new skin underneath and leaving you lookin radiant.  She gave me a small sample of cream to apply every hour to my skin and told me it would feel a bit sensitive for a while and not to expose it to the sun, so using a sunblock is very important after this.

Before & after

You can see in the before and after pictures above that my skin was very red & shiny afterwards but I can assure you that it went down after a few hours and any redness lasted only a couple of days and was easily covered with makeup.  After those few days my skin looked and felt AMAZING!  It was so soft and seemed to clear a bit of a break out I was having on my chin area so I was delighted with that.  My makeup glided on smoothly, lines and wrinkles looked less visable and I just looked radiant so I’d really recommend it especially a few days before a big event.  This peel costs €100 so it’s not cheap but well worth it and more effective than a facial in a fraction of the time so if you’re treating yourself you woudn’t regret it when you see the results.

Afterwards - Glowing Skin
Afterwards – Glowing Skin

As I said, Suite 7 also offer other treatments to combat the signs of ageing such as Botox and Fillers.  This is not for everyone of course but I know from speaking to some of my makeup clients that women are more concerned with ageing now than they ever were and those women are prepared to do what they can to make themselves look and feel as good as possible.  Of course you see adds on the TV for clinics claiming all sorts when it comes to these treatments but if you delve a bit deeper, you’ll find that the only thing that qualifies them to administer such treatments as Botox etc. is a one day workshop and a white coat!  All I would say is that if you do decide to go down this route, make sure it’s with an experienced licenced practitioner.

Suite 7 is run by very experienced staff and headed up by Mr Colin Morrison MSc (Hons) FRCSI (Plast).  Mr Morrison is a Consultant Plastic Surgeon at St. Vincent’s University Hospital and St. Vincent’s Private Hospital in Dublin. He was educated at Trinity College and has a weatlh of experience so you know that if you have your treatments here, you are in good hands and this is so important.  Especially when you hear the horror stories associated with botox and dermal fillers.  I can’t say it’s something I’ve considered myself (my fear of needles is too great!) but if I did, I know I would want to be in good experienced hands and this is certainly the case at Suite 7.  The costs for these procedures are very reasonable also, check out their website for more details.

What do you think?  Would you consider having this done?


Best of Beauty – Budget Bargain


So, this week, we are revealing our number 1 beauty bargain.  It’s just a pity that we can only name 1 as I have so many that I really couldn’t narrow it down! But I thought long and hard and decided to go with the one that I use on a daily basis which is:

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer


I use this every day, just on my under eye area and it really does brighten and conceal.  The consistancy is thick enough to give good coverage but creamy enough not to cake and doesn’t melt off once it’s set well with powder.  I also use this on, and recommend it to, my makeup clients. It’s absolutely fantastic stuff!

Available from Boots and other large pharmacies for €4.50

Don’t forget to check Facebook & Twitter for other Beauty Bloggers faves #BOBBlogChallenge as well as Sam’s fab blog at All The Buzz.

What is your number 1 beauty bargain?

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NEW Vichy Liftactiv Advanced Filler

When I hit my 30’s my skin changed in so many ways but one of the more annoying changes was that I found a new line on my face almost every day which is quite scary!

Botox is becoming more popular to correct lines and wrinkles but if you either don’t want to go down that route, or want to use some good skincare that will compliment your treatment then I have the answer for you!


Vichy Liftactiv Advanced Filler contains a combination of  two super anti-ageing  ingredients, pure retinol and LR2412 which work together to smooth out the surface of the skin and fill in the deepest of wrinkles.  Partcularly frown lines between the eyebrows, nasolabial folds on either side of the nose/mouth, wrinkles around the mouth and cheeks and the fine lines above the lips (the ones that make your lipstick bleed!).  These are the areas that show telltale signs of ageing first and give you that permanent sad, tired expression.

Now for the Science bit:

Pure retinol  is one of the most powerful anti-wrinkle products in existance and Liftactiv Advanced Filler contains this in a formula which has been adapted to sensitive skin. Vichy have managed to add the highest concentration (0.2%) ever used in a pharmacy brand skin care product.  It increases skin density and helps to fill in the deepest wrinkles.

In addition to this, 2% LR2412 enhances cell renewal and boosts the skins natural barrier:  skin looks brighter, its surface is smoother and fully hydrated. Deeper down, it accelerates epidermal repair and  reinflates and re-plumps the skin’s natural mattress.  Deep wrinkles are filled in and smoothed.

I have been using this every night for a couple of weeks now so I am still trying it out, but my skin seems to love it so far.  I didn’t have any reaction to it although it does warn that you should try it every second day until your skin gets used to the retinol as it can irritate sensitive skin.  I pop it on before bedtime and I have noticed my skin is softer and appears more radiant and hydrated which is a great result so far.  I’m hoping to see a wrinkle free face any day now 🙂  Although I’m sure Vichy don’t do miracles unfortunately 😦 😉

You can buy Vichy Liftactiv Advanced Filler at larger Boots stores and selected pharmacies and it will set you back a reasonable €35

Will you be trying this?

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Makeup Forever HD Foundation Review

I had to review this foundation as it really is one of my favourites both for makeup clients and for myself. This is my “going out” foundation of choice.   I love so many things about it:

  1. It feels light on the skin but gives flawless coverage and you can wear it sheered out (or mixed with a bit of moisturiser) for lighter coverage or build it up for a full coverage.
  2. It photographs beautifully! This along with my Chanel Vitalumiere is an absolute essential in my kit for my bridal clients or for photoshoots as there is no SPF so it won’t cause flashback and make you look paler than you are.
  3. The finish is not completely matte, it still gives a lovely sheen to the skin.
  4. It does a fantastic job of covering skin imperfections with only minimal need for concealer and skin looks absolutely flawless.
  5. There are 25 shades so you will be well able to find one to suit you.


It is most suited to Oily/Combination skin but if you have some dry patches, you can use it, just be sure to prep the skin well (exfoliate, moisturise and prime with a good primer such as Smashbox Photoready)  If you have oilier skin, be sure to set it well with powder, and bring a compact with you for touch-ups as it can appear a little shiny across the T-Zone.

I find it’s best applied a small bit at a time with a stippling or buffing foundation brush rather than a flat one.  This gives the most flawless coverage.

If you have very dry skin, I wouldn’t recommend it as it can cling to dehydrated areas. You would be better off using Chanel Vitalumiere as that is great for dry skin.

I did a wedding at the weekend and used the Makeup Forever HD foundation on the bridesmaids so I thought I’d put a pic up of them instead of me since you all must be sick looking at me lol!  You can really get a good idea of how the foundation looks from this.  I used the shade 127 on Miriam (below) as she was quite dark, it’s similar in colour to MAC NC30.

MUFE HD foundation in 127
MUFE HD foundation in 127

Also just a note to say that before you buy a foundation, particularly a high end one like this which costs the guts of €40, make sure you get a sample and try it for a few days before you buy it as what suits one person, may not necessarily suit another 🙂

So will you be trying this out or is it already a favourite of yours?  Let me know below 🙂

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Best of Beauty – Princess Product, Chanel Illusion D’Ombre


Sorry guys, I was so busy with makeup bookings last week that I didn’t get to put up my Best of Beauty Pamper post (I may come back to that at the end) but this week we’re talking about the ultimate Princess Product and for me that has to be my Chanel Illusion D’Ombre cream Eyeshadow which comes in a few different shades (below) They are a cream to powder formula and are so long lasting and just never crease which is great

Illusion D'Ombre

The ones I have in my kit are Epatant and Mirifique and they are just gorgeous.  Epatant is a light green with little silver sparkles in it and looks amazing either on its own or with a matte black eyeshadow in the crease to make it more smoky.  I used it like this recently on my daughter’s friend who was going to her debs, she was wearing a light green dress and it looked beautiful on her:


I also have Mirifique which is black. shot through with little silver flecks of sparkle also.  You can use it all over your lid and blended up into the crease for a super smoky eye with a bit of sparkle or you can also use it as an eyeliner.  You  get a lovely little angle brush with these, if you do want to use them as liners, so they are very versatile.

I really want to get Illusoire, which is the most gorgeous purple colour, so that’s next on my list!

These cost €29.50 in Boots and come in 11 different shades so you’ll definitely find one (or more!) to suit.  Now, I know they are expensive for a cream shadow but they really are beautiful both to look at and to use so they are totally worth it 🙂  These were just made for splashing out on at payday!!

I’m looking forward to seeing which product is a favourite “Princess Product” for other Beauty Bloggers, if you’d like to see also, make sure you check out the hashtag #BOBBloggChallenge on Facebook and Twitter and have a look for yourself.  Just don’t blame me when you have a long list of things you want to treat yourself to come payday 😀

Thanks to Samantha from All The Buzz for hosting this challenge and can’t wait for next weeks Best of Beauty!