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Best of Beauty – Princess Product, Chanel Illusion D’Ombre


Sorry guys, I was so busy with makeup bookings last week that I didn’t get to put up my Best of Beauty Pamper post (I may come back to that at the end) but this week we’re talking about the ultimate Princess Product and for me that has to be my Chanel Illusion D’Ombre cream Eyeshadow which comes in a few different shades (below) They are a cream to powder formula and are so long lasting and just never crease which is great

Illusion D'Ombre

The ones I have in my kit are Epatant and Mirifique and they are just gorgeous.  Epatant is a light green with little silver sparkles in it and looks amazing either on its own or with a matte black eyeshadow in the crease to make it more smoky.  I used it like this recently on my daughter’s friend who was going to her debs, she was wearing a light green dress and it looked beautiful on her:


I also have Mirifique which is black. shot through with little silver flecks of sparkle also.  You can use it all over your lid and blended up into the crease for a super smoky eye with a bit of sparkle or you can also use it as an eyeliner.  You  get a lovely little angle brush with these, if you do want to use them as liners, so they are very versatile.

I really want to get Illusoire, which is the most gorgeous purple colour, so that’s next on my list!

These cost €29.50 in Boots and come in 11 different shades so you’ll definitely find one (or more!) to suit.  Now, I know they are expensive for a cream shadow but they really are beautiful both to look at and to use so they are totally worth it 🙂  These were just made for splashing out on at payday!!

I’m looking forward to seeing which product is a favourite “Princess Product” for other Beauty Bloggers, if you’d like to see also, make sure you check out the hashtag #BOBBloggChallenge on Facebook and Twitter and have a look for yourself.  Just don’t blame me when you have a long list of things you want to treat yourself to come payday 😀

Thanks to Samantha from All The Buzz for hosting this challenge and can’t wait for next weeks Best of Beauty!


14 thoughts on “Best of Beauty – Princess Product, Chanel Illusion D’Ombre”

  1. Wow! I love that grey/green shade, it would compliment my eyes perfectly. I had a similar colour eye shadow in a Chanel eye duo and I used it almost everyday (it was the only eye palette I had at that time).

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