Forever Living Fleur de Jouvence Mask Powder & Aloe Activator

When my skin is not looking or feeling it’s best, I find that applying a good mask will perk it right up and change the whole condition of my skin.  I’ve been trying quite a few products from Forever Living lately and I heard great things about this mask which is nicknamed “botox in a bottle” so I thought I’d have me some of that!


The Mask Powder is a unique combination of rich ingredients chosen for their special properties to condition the skin and cleanse the pores while also smoothing, cleansing and tightening the appearance of your skin. It blends with the Aloe Activator to create a thin mask for easy application to the face and neck. Albumen and corn starch provide drawing and tightening properties, while kaolin absorbs excess oils. Allantoin and chamomile help to soothe, calm condition and rejuvenate the skin.


The mask itself smells really nice and the activator also contains Forever’s signature ingredient – Aloe which is actually really good for the skin.  Being Irish, you will probably know that Aloe is a main ingredient in aftersun lotions and soothing gels because of it’s ability to heal and nourish the skin.  It can be absorbed a whopping 7 layers deep into the skin to really work on plumping those new skin cells so that when they reach the surface they are well conditioned and nourished, resulting in great looking skin 🙂

There’s a bit of a process to applying this but the results are great so it’s totally worth it.


  • Firstly take a teaspoon of the mask powder and add another teaspoon of the liquid Aloe Activator and blend vigourously to form a paste as above
  • Then apply to your skin – I found using a foundation brush to apply was better than just your fingers as you could spread it more evenly
  • Once it’s on your skin, you’re supposed to rest and leave it to do its thing for 30 mins
  • You will feel it harden and feel really tight on your skin, don’t panic!  It’s supposed to work like that and you should limit your face movement, so no laughing! (as much as you will want to because you’ll look super attractive like me below 😀 )
The lengths I go to for this blog…

So after 30 mins I took a face cloth and soaked it in warm water which I then used to remove the mask.  It was so hard on my skin I thought I’d have to really soak it for a while but it came right off.  My skin was shining afterwards and felt so smooth and rejeuvinated and you can really see that in the pic below.


My skin felt really firm afterwards, even after I moisturised and it was super smooth which provided a great base for my makeup, it just glided on the next day! I will be using this mask once a week from now on because it’s so good at rejeuvinating the look and texture of the skin and it didn’t break me out which I was happy about!

Overall I can highly recommend it and it would be especially good for older or ageing skin as it tightens and firms the skin and with regular use this will really help.

You can buy this from any Forever Living distributor or if you don’t know of one contact me and I can put you onto someone so just contact me on my Facebook page or email kandigloss@gmail.com. The mask powder costs €19.96 and the Aloe Activator costs €14.02

What do you think, would you use this yourself?

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