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Best of Beauty – Makeup Must-Haves


So here we are at week 3 of the #BOBBlogChallenge and we are moving onto a subject that’s very close to my heart, my Makeup Must-Haves!

I love every type of makeup so it was hard to narrow them down but I’ve broken them  into my favourites – the ones I reach for time and time again for each stage of makeup application and just can’t do without.

Foundation: Chanel Vitalumiere

Chanel Vitalumiere

This is a foundation I use a lot, particularly on clients when I’m doing bridal makeup.  It suits people with dry or mature skin best and it gives the most perfect coverage while still managing to look dewy and healthy looking and it lasts all day on that type of skin.  Sure, it is expensive but well worth it and no makeup artist should be without this in their kit in my opinion 🙂

MAC Studio Fix Powder

Mac Studio Fix Powder

This is my favourite powder foundation.  Used very lightly over liquid foundation it gives the most flawless finish to your skin as well as a gorgeous airbrushed look.  If you are using it by itself, you need to use a cream concealer underneath to hide any blemishes or dark circles but it has fantastic coverage for a powder product.  Loving it!

MAC Eyeshadow in Satin Taupe


This is one of the first MAC Shadows I owned so it has a special place in my heart! It’s a satin finish and is a taupey brown with a purple/grey metalic fleck to it.  It just looks gorgeous on any colour eyes, but is particularly nice on Blue eyed girls.  If I’m in a hurry I apply this on my lid and in my crease, throw on some black liner and it looks amazing.

Maybelline Lasting Drama Black Gel Liner


This liner is fantastic, it lasts really well and comes with the best little liner brush ever so as long as you are confident and practice, you really can’t go wrong with it.  It comes in lots of different colours as well which is great.

Lancome Hypnose Drama


This is my favourite mascara, it gives lots of volume as well as length to the lashes and I’ve often been asked if I’m wearing false lashes when I have this on.

MAC 217 Blending Brush

brushes-mac-217If I had no other eyeshadow brush but this, I could get by and create gorgeous, well blended eye makeup!  It really is the best brush I’ve used.  You can use it to apply eyeshadow all over the lid and blended in the crease.  It also works to soften and blend colour in the crease.  It is amazing as a concealer brush for under the eyes too and really blends everything in seamlessly.  My must-have makeup brush for sure.

MeMeMe Arch Angel Brow Mascara/Browbone highlighter


Since I think that well defined eyebrows are an absolute must, I am in love with this!  On one end you have a brow colour and the wand is just the right size to apply without it going everywhere.  It really gives your brows definition and fills them in for a natural look.  And on the other side there’s a gorgeous highlighter for your browbone to really highlight the area and make your eyebrows look even more defined and polished.  Genius!

MAC Mineralize Blush in Dainty

MAC Dainty

I have recently used this blush up totally and need to buy another one so I thought it deserved to be included here as one of my faves.  It’s the most perfect corally pink and I find it looks good on all skintones.  You can really make it sheer or build up the colour slightly and it has a gentle shimmer to it so it highlights your cheekbones too.

No7 Stay Perfect Lipstick in Love Red 


Everyone needs a good red lipstick and if you find the right one for you it will just make you look fantastic!  For me it’s this lipstick from N07.  I’d never be without it, it’s AMAZING!!

MAC Lipglass in Nymphette


This is without a doubt, my favourite lipgloss.  It’s a gorgeous rose gold/pink colour and is shot through with gold shimmer particles that really show up on your lips.  You can wear it alone or over a similar coloured lipstick.

Ardell Demi Wispies False Lashes & Duo Adhesive

Lashes collage

Finally, no makeup look is complete without a fab set of lashes and these are my favourites.  They give just the right amount of volume and look really natural but glam without being over the top!  I also love my Duo Lash Adhesive and couldn’t be without it.  I always throw away the glue I get with boxes of false lashes and use this instead.  It doesn’t smell very nice now, but it does a brilliant job and I just wouldn’t use anything else 🙂

So they are my absolute faves 🙂 I know some are quite expensive but for some makeup I really believe it’s worth forking out the extra for the quality and effect you get from the product whereas, there is some pharmacy branded makeup that really gives the higher end brands a run for their money, it’s just a matter of finding what works for you and maybe signing up to my blog so I can tell you all about them 😉

Don’t forget to check out the Twitter hashtag #BOBBlogChallenge to see what other bloggers are loving and also check out Samantha’s blog on All The Buzz

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Opening of INGLOT’s New Pro Store -1 South Anne Street


Last night I attended an exclusive event for Beauty Bloggers to unveil the brand new INGLOT Pro Store which is opening today (Saturday 28th September) on 1 South Anne Street (just off Grafton Street) Dublin.


The impressive new store stocks the full INGLOT cosmetics collection and make-up accessories, as well as products that are exclusive to the new flagship store.  A make-over studio, brow bar, and a spacious private studio, which will host parties, make-up courses, and professional master classes, is also part of the latest new Dublin INGLOT store.

Shop Better



INGLOT’s fantastic makeup artists were on hand to help on the night and their senior makeup artist Ingrid did a demonstration to show off some of their new products like the Stage, Sport, Studio range of mattifying powders which are exclusive to the the new Pro store on South Anne Street.  Ingrid said they were a big hit with the MUA’s there and really make your makeup last the day with minimum touch-ups.



Inglot stocks everything from priming base, foundations, concealers and blushers, complemented with a selection of body illuminators and bronzers.  For beautiful eyes there’s eye-shadows, protective base, eyeliner, brow-liner and mascara; and a range of nourishing lipsticks, liners, lip-paint and gloss to deliver truly luscious lips.

Accessories, from brushes and applicators, to make-up bags, tweezers, false eyelashes and nail art are all stocked, and there’s also a range of facial toners and gentle make-up removers, to complete this unique one-stop-make-up-shop!

I am a big fan of their unique Freedom System where you can make up your own custom palettes of eyeshadow, blush, powder or lip and brow products.

Freedom System


Nail Varnish

We all received fantastic little goodie bags and I made some purchases on the night which I’ll detail in another post 🙂

Will you be popping in for a look?

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NARS Orgasm Blush

There’s no two ways about it, I am totally in love with this blush!  It’s from NARS and it’s in the shade “Orgasm” which describes perfectly, the colour flush it produces on your complexion 😀

I first bought it in the states and used it so much that I ran out totally which never usually happens for me with blush!  Recently I decided to have a bit of a payday splurge and pick up a new one.  I’m so glad I did, the minute I applied it I remembered why I love it so much.

It’s a beautiful pinky-coral coloured blush shot through with teeny tiny little flecks of gold that gives just the right amount of colour without lighting up your cheeks like shiny discoballs!  And it also highlights to give a lovely glowing, healthy look to your complexion.


I bought this for €29 in Brown Thomas in Dublin which I know is pricey but believe me it’s worth it!  With Christmas not too far away you could always put this on your wishlist.

This is a perfect colour for all complexions, I use it on other people a lot when I’m doing makeup and it generally, I’ve found it looks good on everyone.

It’s the kind of blush you can wear for nights out and it will look fab and slightly sparkly in the light (as in the first colour swatch above) or for daytime you can apply it really sheer for a light flush of colour and it will look amazing also (as in the second swatch).

A word of warning for those with skin imperfections such as large pores or acne, this may not be the blush for you as it really highlights the area of skin on your cheeks when you apply it so you would be best sticking to a matte blush.  Same goes for more mature skin if you have a lot of lines and wrinkles in that area.

Check out my previous post on blush here for more information and details of a cheaper version of this:

What do you think of this, would you fork out for it? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

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How to apply Blush

Have you ever tried to apply blush and ended up looking more like Aunt Sally than JLo?  We’ve all been there! 😀
The main things to consider when applying blush are to get the shade right (see my previous post on that ) and then use
the right brush and blend well. Once you’ve got that down, you’re laughing (as well as glowing with a
pop of healthy colour!).

Applying blush
Many women don’t know exactly where they should apply blush so here’s a tip if you’re one of them:

To find out where the colour should go, look straight ahead into a mirror and hold your index finger right
in front of your eye over your pupil.

Now, smile and drop your finger straight down to land on the high pointed, fleshy part of your cheek
that pops out when you smile, still keeping it directly under your pupil. This is where you place the
brush to start applying, no further in towards your nose, or it will look unnatural.

Next, lightly dust your brush into the colour, tap of the excess and pop it on, working it into that part and
blending what’s left up your cheek bone towards your temple. You only need to use a light touch with
the brush for this.


Remember, it’s always better to start with too little product, that way you can build up the intensity of
the colour by adding slightly more but if you’re too heavy handed and load your brush with too much
blush, it can be impossible to take it off, ruining the makeup you’ve already done and giving you the
dreaded Aunt Sally effect! Applying it in a thick stripe and not blending the edges is what makes it look wrong.
See below for what NOT to do! And I DON’T just mean with the blush!!!


If you are using a cream blush, it’s the same principal, only, you dot it on the fleshy part of your cheek with your finger
or the small tip of a synthetic brush and blend it well in and up towards the temple. I can’t emphasise
enough that you REALLY need a light touch for this because with cream blush, a little goes a very long

Tools to apply

As a Makeup Artist, I’ve used lots of blush brushes on myself and on my clients in the past and I’ve found
a lot of them awkward to use since they are usually too big for the area you’re working on. The best
blush brush I’ve found by a long shot, is the Inglot 4ss brush, below, I really love this brush, it’s one of
Inglots best and actually one of the best in my kit, I was delighted when I found it as it fits my cheek area
exactly and makes easy work of applying blush:


That’s closely followed by the MAC 187,  the smaller version of the 188 which is used to apply foundation. You can use the MAC 187 to apply cream products as well as powder so it’s a great all rounder and again it’s the perfect size for the cheek area.


An angled brush can work great for applying blush or contouring underneath the cheekbone and jawline
with bronzer or a natural shade of blush to make your face look more defined and even slimmer! (Top
makeup artists tip there!)


The only problem I’ve found with using an angled brush, is that I always need another fluffier brush to go over and blend out the edges, just to diffuse the colour.

So there you go!  For your next night out, find yourself a nice blush colour and try it out yourself. And be
sure to give me some feedback either here or on my Facebook page to let me know if this helped you!

Michelle x

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Blush: How to choose the right shade for your skin tone

Choosing the right shade of blush:


A lot of women don’t actually know the best way to use blush so they avoid it all together which is a shame because using the right shade and type of blush can really make your complexion appear healthy and bright and give you a beautiful dewy glow.  Generally, it’s good to have a play around with different colours to see what suits you and what doesn’t but here are some guidelines to help you choose;

Fair skin:  If you have pale, cool toned skin (most Irish skins are cool toned) you can go with light to medium pinks/peaches/rose colours such as:

Nars, Orgasm (and yes that’s really the name, try looking the sales assistant in the eye when asking for that one!) This is actually the one blush that suits almost all skin tones and colouring and one of my absolute favourites.  Or you can go with Sleek Makeup blush, in Rose Gold, which is very similar (but much kinder on the pocket!).


MAC’s Dainty, or Peachykeen


Benefit, Thrrrob


Fair skin with Red hair:  Red haired girls look great with corals and dusky terracotta colours. Think Adele & Christina Hendricks (from Mad Men)

Benefit, Coralista


MAC, Tenderling & Pinch ‘O Peach


Sallow Skin: Warm toned sallow skin, tans easily and looks great with either vibrant pinks to brighten a sometimes dull complexion or earthy shades in darker peach tones.  A contouring shade of bronzer worn underneath the cheekbones looks fantastic too, think Cheryl Cole or Jessica Alba and you’ve got the right idea.

MAC, Peaches or Dollymix


Benefit, Hoola Bronzer


Dark Skin:  Beautiful dark skinned ladies will look amazing with plum, burgandy and hot pink shades.  It can be difficult to get blush to show up on dark skin, cream blush is a good option and can produce a truer colour than powder.

Boots No7 Blushtint Cream Blush in Rosebud

MAC, Breath of Plum


If you have problem skin or mature skin, avoid wearing anything too shimmery that will draw attention to skin imperfections, matte textured blushes are best in this case.  Also if you have very oily skin, avoid cream blushes, they will just slide off your skin.  Cream blushers are great for dry skin though and can give your complexion a hydrated, dewy look that you wouldn’t normally get with dull skin.

So there you have it, these colours will look fab on different skin tones but don’t be afraid to experiment.  I only recently discovered coral cream blush looked good on me and I’ve got a ton of different blushers in my kit!  So when you find the right shade that works for you let me know what it is!  I’ll be following this post with another one on how to apply blush so make sure you have a look at that also 🙂