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Flormar Makeup Review

I was recently introduced to a new cosmetic line in Ireland called “Flormar”.¬† The owner of The Cosmetic Outlet, Paul, told me all about the brand and kindly gave me a big bag of makeup to test and review (thanks Paul! ūüėČ ) I had never heard of them before but I’m always open to trying new cosmetics and I was excited to get testing!

Flormar is originally an¬†Italian brand which produces their cosmetics in Turkey where they are very popular and have a big following.¬† They’ve been around for over 40 years and started out producing Nail polishes (which they’re very well known for in other countries) and then they expanded to a full range of cosmetics.¬† So, now to see if the products are any good….

Illuminating Primer Makeup Base

Flormar Primer

This foundation primer contains Acacia and Green Tea and¬†creates¬†a moisturising¬†base for makeup.¬† It also smooths over any lines and brightens the skin creating¬†a¬†smooth even¬†base which dries to a matte finish.¬† I tested this with various foundations throughout the week and it did a good job of making them last. I have combination skin so it didn’t necessarily stop shine from coming through but it hydrated the dry parts of my face really well.¬†¬†This is¬†definitely the best¬†foundation primer¬†for dry skinned girls.

Perfect Coverage Foundation


This is¬†a rich cream foundation with a more full coverage which claims to last for 12 hours.¬† I tested it on myself and it is such a lovely consistancy and really does give a full flawless finish.¬† Also, once it’s set with powder, it lasts all day.¬† It’s quite heavy so if you’re not used to, or don’t like wearing lots of makeup this may not be for you.¬† Having said that, it’s very moisturising and doesn’t look cakey or settle in lines¬†due to its cream formula so this would be lovely for¬†going out¬†or any makeup that requires a flawless finish like, for your wedding or for photography.¬† Great for dry skin but can also be used on oilier skin if well powdered. I’m going to get more of these for my kit as I really like them.¬† I never expected to find a pharmacy brand foundation that would be good enough for a professional makeup artist’s kit¬†but this is definitely a must-have, I’m really impressed!

Perfect Coverage Liquid Concealer

Perf cov Concealer

This creamy concealer is perfect for use under the eyes and does a super job of covering under eye bags and darkness without highlighting any lines or wrinkles.¬† You can also use this to prime your eyelids and set with powder to give a perfect base for your eyeshadow.¬† I really liked this but found that it wasn’t really needed when used with the foundation as this gives good enough coverage by itself but you could use this with BB cream or a lighter foundation and it would cover any areas of concern perfectly.

Loose Powder


I’m in love with this powder!¬† It comes with a really cool little puff and you apply it after foundation to set everything into place. When I opened this, some of the powder puffed up in a fine haze that almost looked like smoke and that’s how I knew this was a good quality powder which has been really finely milled.¬† The finer the powder the less likely it is to settle into lines on your face and the more it gives a stunningly flawless finish.¬† You can see in the second pic above, it disappears to nothing on¬†the skin on my hand¬†and doesn’t cake (there’s also a pic of me wearing the full base on my face¬†below).¬† Absolutely perfect in my opinion.¬† I also photographed it to see if it caused whiteness (flashback) on the face and it doesn’t so, yay! ūüôā¬† It also¬†made my makeup last all day and my oiliness didn’t come through at all!¬† This bad boy is going straight into my kit!!

Face & Body Bronzing Powder


Check out the size of this!!¬† It’s about the same size¬†as a CD, so will last forever!¬† It’s quite similar to the IsaDora one that I reviewed before only it’s cheaper which is great.¬† This doesn’t mean it’s not as good though, it’s really fantastic actually.¬† It’s a matte bronzer that you can use on the face or body or for contouring which it is absolutely made for.¬† I love the big mirror in the lid as well.¬† It comes in other shades too with more shimmer to them if you prefer that.

Long Wearing Lipstick


I got two shades to try, L07 which is a pink shade and L02 which is a browny wine colour.¬† Both were extremely moisturising for a long lasting lipstick and applied more like a gloss than a lipstick.¬† They didn’t last all day and I had to top up a few times but when they wore off they left a stain of the colour there which was good.¬† I also loved how they didn’t accentuate any dryness on your lips.¬† There’s a huge range of colours which is great too.

Long Wearing Lipgloss


This is a light feeling lipgloss with 3D glitter that really shimmers.¬† The one I got was a bright pink and really sparkled.¬† It wasn’t thick or gloopy and felt like lipstick on my lips.¬† It also lasted for ages which was brilliant.

Max Lift Mascara


I also really liked this mascara, it has a nice consistancy, not too wet and gives good length to your lashes. Flormar claims Max Lift Mascara “creates perfectly separated eye lashes and creates a perfect look with volume¬†but without any lumps” and I have to say it wasn’t clumpy at all and lasted well.¬† This is a nice everyday mascara.

Neon Colours Nail Enamel


These gorgeous nail enamels come in a wide range of colours & types and last really well.¬† Now, I’m not the worlds best nail painter but I gave this a bash using the¬†two colours, a neon pink shade (N003) and a red shade (N010), both of which I loved.¬† As you can see they had a really high shine finish and they lasted very well – 3 days chip free – good result!

Overall View

I really like this makeup brand, you can see from their website that they have a huge range and the makeup really is of¬†excellent quality.¬† All of the above cost around the ‚ā¨10 and under mark which is very reasonable so you can afford to get a few things in different colours.¬† These would be especially good for is someone who is starting out as a Makeup Artist and trying to build up their kit as they are affordable, they do a great job¬†and you’d literally have everything covered as the range is huge.¬† For everyday wear they are great also, I really don’t know why I’d never heard of them before, but now that they are being stocked in The Cosmetic Outlet, I will be adding to my collection!

The only negative I’d say about¬†Flormar is that the packaging is a bit cheap looking for some of the items.¬† I like the packaging on the lipsticks but the other stuff doesn’t appear very slick and the white font printed on the packaging just doesn’t look right.¬† That could turn¬†you off looking twice at these and you’d never get to know how good the quality of the products actually is!¬† Image is everything, so sort it out Flormar!

Me wearing the full base of Foundation, Concealer & Powder & Contour as well as mascara, which looked flawless and lasted all day!
Me wearing the full base of Foundation, Concealer & Powder & Contour as well as mascara, which looked flawless and lasted all day!

What do you think of this?¬† I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below ūüôā

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Magnetic Nails – IsaDora & Barry M

I’m not one for faffing¬†around with fancy nails and although there seems to be an abundance of nail art tutorials on youtube¬†and pinterest etc., as much as I tell myself that I must try them sometime, I never get around to it.¬† The truth is, I want a nail polish that I can paint on easily while watching TV – maximum impact with minimum effort basically! Step forward the latest “Magnetic Nails” Nail Polishes!
First up is this one from IsaDora in “Iron Lady” a mid purple colour

It comes in a box with the nail polish and two different magnets that make both a star pattern and a wave pattern.¬† You just paint your nail and then hold the magnet over the nail for 15-20 seconds and ta da…magnetic nails ūüôā

I used the wave pattern in the pic above.

The IsaDora¬†one is great because, it dries quickly and comes with 2 patterns for something different.¬† It also comes in 6 shades but the colours are a bit samey, there are at least 4 varieties of purple alone so I’d like to see a better colour range.¬† Also it chipped after 2 days which was a bit of a pain but I do love the results.¬† These are ‚ā¨10 available in Debenhams stores.

Next up is the Barry M Magnetic Nail Effects

I LOVE these.¬† The polish looks great and lasts for days.¬† I applied this and¬†4 days later they were still chip free which is fantastic ūüôā¬† The magnet for this is in the lid of the bottle and they come in 9 different shades in a wide range of colours.¬† The colour I used above is “Magnetic Red”.¬† They cost ‚ā¨6 in Boots and Superdrug and I’ll definitely be adding more colours to my collection!
Top Tip:¬† When you paint these on, make sure not to coat the nail too thinly or the polish will dry too quickly and the pattern won’t form when you hold the magnet over it. You have to use the magnet when the paint is still wet and these are very fast drying polishes.¬† Also some top coats seem to make the pattern disappear when you apply them so don’t use them just to be sure.

Have you tried these yet?  Got any other favourites brands?