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M&S – Fantastic Strawberry Moisturising Body Butter Review

Natures Extracts Blissful Strawberry Moisturising Body Butter (bit of a mouthful that!)

I popped into the new beauty hall in Marks & Spencer, Dundrum recently for a browse – if you haven’t checked it out yet, you soooo should, but maybe not on payday…. don’t say I didn’t warn ya!! So while wandering round drooling at all the gorgeous beauty stuff there, I came across their range of Body Butters which are an absolute steal at €7!

After sniffing & trying them all (has to be done!) I decided to buy this lovely Strawberry one. They also had Cocoa Butter, Shea, Zesty Lime, and Peach and Almond to name but a few, so there’s really something for everyone.


Coming into the colder weather, you can’t beat a good body butter after a shower, it gets down really deep into your skin to moisturise it.  It’s also great for prolonging your fake tan application.

An added bonus is that this smells amazing and lasts for ages on your skin.  They also have matching shower gels and bath foam if you fancy the layered fragrance effect.  They would actually make a great pressie too.

I love strawberry scented body products for purely nostagic reasons, the smell just takes me back to standing in The Body Shop as a teenager dousing myself in the perfume oils – Strawberry being one of my favourites! (The Dewberry and White Musk ones were close seconds!)

You should give these a go, I really think they’re fab for the price.  Oh, and I’d love to know what particular smells do you always go for in body products and is there anything that you sniff and find it takes you back? Let me know in the comments below 🙂