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Green Angel Sunrise Body Smoother

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I was sent this gorgeous Natural Moisturising Body Exfoliator to try by Green Angel, an Irish company, which produces a range of natural skincare products.  All their products are based around the key ingredient of “Irish Seaweed” which has natural skin rejuvenation benefits and they all smell absolutely amazing which is always a great bonus.


The award winning Sunrise Body Smoother comes in a large glass jar and consists of coarse natural sea salt mixed with lemon, grapefruit, grape seed and argan oil (among other nourishing ingredients) which they claim will exfoliate your skin eliminating dead skin cells, nourishing dry tissue and preserving your skins natural moisture.  There is a warning on the box that because of the essential oils, the product is not suitable for pregnant women.  The directions on the box also state that the oil can be used for manicure & pedicure purposes by massaging into your cuticles & nails.

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I used this one evening after a particularly tough session at bootcamp after which I was completely tired and weary and in need of a bit of TLC.  I had only opened the box and I could smell the fresh citrus scent so I knew I was in for a treat.  Scooping up a small handful I worked the product into my skin starting from my feet upwards and really gave it a good scrub particularly in any particularly dry areas like my knees and my scaly elbows (the result of lots of “planking” at bootcamp!)  My skin felt invigorated and fresh and it sloughed off all of the dry skin and remnants of fake tan on there.  After showering I could feel the oil on my skin really moisturising it and it felt so soft, also my bathroom smelled absolutely gorgeous and I felt completely refreshed after it!  This really is a treat for your skin and I will continue using it, especially before applying fake tan as it does such a great job of preparing your skin for it and getting your body summer ready.  Also I transferred some of the oil that had collected at the top of the jar into a separate container and will leave this on my desk at work so I can use it as cuticle oil.

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There are so many skincare companies out there but the big plus of Green Angel for me, apart from their lovely products, is that they are 100% Irish as well as the fact that the products are paraben free, use natural ingredients and are not tested on animals, so they definitely have a fan in me!

The Sunrise Body Smoother is €30 from stockists nationwide such as McCabe’s Pharmacy or you can check their website to see if there is a stockist near you.  Alternatively you order over the phone and have the product mailed to you.

I am giving one Sunrise Body Smoother away to my Facebook followers so go to , follow my page and like & share the picture there.  Good Luck! 🙂