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L’oreal Nude Magique – Eau de Teint Foundation

Hey everyone, sorry I haven’t posted as much as I’d like to have done on here lately, I’ve had a lot on, not least being kept busy trying to organise my daughter to prepare for her Leaving Cert exams as well as College applications.  It’s all very stressful – more for me than her, that’s not right is it?!

Anyway, I thought I’d start reviewing more foundations for you, since I have a ton of them in my kit and I know what a pain it can be to find the right one!  Up for scrutiny today is L’oreal’s Nude Magique – Eau de Teint Foundation.

L'oreal Eau de Teint
L’oreal Eau de Teint


It comes in a small bottle and you just pour out the required amount and apply with your fingers.  It’s quite liquidy and runny as you can see from the pic below.  You have to give the bottle a good shake before you pour it out too.


However, it does provide amazingly good coverage for such a lightweight liquid product, I applied  a second layer to my skin though which I’d advise if you want to build up more coverage.  It dries to a powdery finish and doesn’t appear super shiny like I expected it to!

Left: Before Right:After
Left: Before Right:After

If you like the natural look and feel of a tinted moisturiser but need a smidgen more coverage, then this is a great foundation for you.  It lasted well and I would use this if I was in a hurry or had to run out to the shops or go exercising or something and didn’t want to bother with the whole palaver of applying a thicker foundation, concealer, powder etc.  You can also use it as a base for powder foundations, it would work very well for that actually and give it something to “cling” to.

The only thing I disliked about this was the bottle.  There’s no pump on it!  What the hell L’oreal??  One false move and this is going EVERYWHERE! Also, you really have to be careful pouring it onto your hand (which I’d recommend as opposed to your fingers so you can work in more product) cos it kind of… dribbles down if you don’t scoop it up quickly! Using a sponge is not great either since it’s so liquidy that the sponge just soaks all the product up.

This is available from all large pharmacies and supermarkets and is around €13 so good value.  I’d definitely recommend this for your light “no makeup” days or for someone with good skin who just wants to even out their skintone.

Have you tried this?  What did you think?