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Touching up your Makeup and what to Carry with you

What Makeup to carry with you to touch up and keep it looking fresh all day

Whether you’re working a 9 to 5 or off for a night on the tiles, you want your makeup to last and look fresh for hours with minimal touch ups.  A lot of people ask me what they should bring with them to touch up their makeup so carrying on from my previous blog on how to ensure your makeup lasts when you apply it first , here are a few items you should carry with you:

Blotting Papers – Use these first to mop up any oil around your T-Zone.  If you have oily or combination skin, these are a godsend.

If you have Combination/Oily skin:

A Compact Pressed Powder & Retractable  Powder Brush  –Next put on a light dusting of powder only on any areas prone to shine.  If you have dry skin you may not need it at all.  A retractable brush is great for applying powder while keeping everything clean and mess free.

If you have Dry Skin:

Urban Decay do a really nice spray that you can spritz on over your makeup to hydrate your skin and avoid your foundation patching up in dry spots on your skin.  It’s called Dew Me and gives you a beautiful glowing complexion and freshens up your makeup making you look Dewy – as the name suggests!  You can easily decant this into a smaller spray bottle that you can pop in your makeup bag.  You can pick these up cheap enough in Boots or any chemist or beauty supply shop.


Some Cotton Buds – Great for cleaning up around the eye area or fixing smudged lippie.

A small pot of Cream Concealer – For hiding any spots – you can use your finger or the tip of a cotton bud to dab it on.

Whatever Lipstick/Gloss you have applied

Optional: Bronzer – But ONLY if applied sparingly!!!

It’s as simple as that.  Unless you are looking to recreate a whole new makeup look, these are the only things you should need to carry.  Some girls carry around every piece of makeup they own in their handbags and really there isn’t any need for it.  If you carry just what you need, especially on a night out, you won’t be tempted to overdo the bronzer/blush in a drunken stupor like poor TOWIE star Gemma Collins below.  Oh dear…