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IsaDora Large Bronzing Powder Review

I’ve been lusting after this bronzer for a while now but the price at €25.95 kind of put me off so recently, on a post pay day trip to Debenhams, I decided to treat myself.  The Bronzer comes in a huge compact with nice big mirror in the lid and you can choose from 4 different colours, I chose #94 Matte Tan but it also comes in a more shimmery finish if that’s your thing.


IsaDora states that it is a: “Richly pigmented large bronzing powder for a fresh sun kissed look” and I’d have to agree with that, the colour is natural and goes on flawlessly and even – once you use the right brush.


My thoughts on it:

I have to say I am very impressed with it, for a number of reasons:

  1. Its size – It’s fecking huge!! There’s a generous 35g of product in the compact – it’s roughly about the same size as a CD so this is going to last you for ages!
  2. The price – For the amount of product you get, it’s well worth it.  A MAC bronzer at €21.50 for 10g of product seems way overpriced in comparison.
  3. The colour – Very nice and natural – you won’t look like you’ve been tango’ed!  This will work well on paler skintones with a light tan. And because it’s a Matte formulation, it can be used for contouring the face. Plus it comes in a good range of colours, from light to dark, to suit everyone.
  4. Can be used all over – Not just for the face, you can use this on your body too if you use a larger brush.
  5. Gives some of the more expensive ones a run for their money – Forget your Guerlain, NARS & Benefit bronzers, this is the one I’ll be sticking to in future.

See the difference before and after below:


Now to the things I didn’t like:

  1. Its size – It’s my blog and I’m allowed to contradict myself ok?! 😉 No but really, the fact that it’s Ginormous means that you can’t exactly toss it in your bag and go.  Although they also do the smaller regular sized bronzers too which is handy but means you have fork out for another compact.
  2. The fear of dropping it – The risk of having that “NOOOOOOO…..” moment that sees your beautiful bronzer slip from your butter fingers (in slow motion obviously 😉 ) and smash to a million pieces on the floor while you stare in disbelief trying to figure out whether you could salvage the larger pieces and still use it.  It’s a very real possibility, especially for a klutz like me.

That’s it really.  I’m loving this bronzer at the moment and I’d definitely recommend it so go and buy it while the sun is still out!

Tip for Applying Bronzer

I see too many girls going crazy with the bronzer and they end up looking more like they’ve been washing with mud than achieving a sunkissed glow.  Remember bronzer should be applied with a light hand as it’s the one part of your makeup that if you apply it wrong, there’s no going back! So better to use too little than too much.  You should dust it lightly on the temples, nose, under the cheekbones and lightly on the neck/chest for a natural look.  Applying all over the face & neck in a series of swirls is not the most flattering way to wear bronzer.


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